Hacker by Malorie Blackman

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By Malorie Blackman

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When Vicky’s father is arrested, accused of stealing over a million pounds from the bank where he works, she is determined to prove his innocence. But how? There’s only one way – to attempt to break into the bank’s computer files. Even if Vicky is the best hacker in the world, will she find the real thief before they find her?


24 Oct 2019


02 Aug 2019

I thought that this book was fantastic because it has a few urgent times in it.
I thought that this book was fantastic, adventurous and extravagant.
I like Victoria [Vicky] because she is always determined, funny and enthusiastic.
It will intrest me because I really like mystery stories.
Yes, because the first few pages intrested me so it may attract other readers.

23 Aug 2018

it is incredible!

14 Jul 2018

Omg!!! I loved this. You have to 100% read this.

10 Feb 2018

lot of computing.great book. recommend to all.very interesting

26 Aug 2017


16 Aug 2017

the plot was awesome and it was a really gripping read! amazing story.

12 Aug 2017

It's a great challenging book that I really enjoyed

30 Jul 2017

Really good

28 Jul 2017

It's all about action ad adventure. Vicky and Gib are bother and sister and have to work together to figure out that their dad is innocent of stealing 1 million pounds...

17 Mar 2017

I thought I had read every amazing book that there was going, but then my Auntie introduced me to this one - It was awesome!!!

25 Dec 2016


30 Aug 2016

sooooo good some kids go on a amazing adventure break in to schools and solve mysteries.im definatly going to read this again as it is an amazing page turner.slightly spooky and action and adventure

18 Aug 2016

Excellent book great for fans of mysteries

13 Aug 2016

This book is amazing I'd recommend it to anyone who loves an adventure👍🏻

11 Aug 2016

This book was really good! I gave it a since I have read better books but this was still good. If you like mystery books then you will like this book sometimes it is a bit scary but it's just a book and its not real!

01 Aug 2016

This is the best book ever. I like Gib and Vicky. This book is awesome. I thought that many few writer could sustain a plot as well as Malorie Blackman. She is one of my favorite authors ever.

19 Jul 2016

This book is amazing! It has really good vocabulary and really good plot. I would recommend this book to both genders age 7+ but it has very complicated computer words.

04 Jul 2015

This book is amazing, Malorie Blackman is an astounding author and everyone from the age of 8-14 will love this book and all her other books!

05 Jan 2015

its a good one.
it is a thriller and builds a interesting suspence

02 Sep 2014

Amazing for computer whizzes!

22 Aug 2014

Really adventurous and shocking but you might not understand the technology stuff

20 Jul 2014

This book was impossible to put down MY eyes had been glued to the book and I was literally on the edge of my seat. I recommend this mystery lovers and adventure lovers thsi book was amazing well done Malorie Blackman.

24 Jun 2014

this book is interesting and fun it's about a girl called Vicky whose adopted and has a younger half-brother
her dad is accused of taking £1,000,000 from the bank he works in but Vicky knows it wasn't him
who is the real HACKER

24 Jun 2014

this story is an adventurous story on how a girl is trying to proove that her (adoption) dad did not steel one million pounds from his own bank. READ IT NOW!!!!!!!!!

23 Jun 2014

Because it's about a young girl who was adopted, she helps her adopted dad with the crime of the century, and when she finds out (with the trusty help of her annoying brother,) that her supposed aunt, Beth, had stolen what had been thought to be stolen by the girl ( Vicki's) dad, Beth had stolen 700,000 pounds, and they were going to run away with it to Rio Di Jiniero. If you like adventure and mystery you should read this amazing book.

23 Jun 2014


23 Jun 2014

i loved it

19 Jun 2014

The computer techy talk is quite confusing, but the plot is really good. Quite a few suprises!

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