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Hacker by Malorie Blackman

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By Malorie Blackman

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When Vicky’s father is arrested, accused of stealing over a million pounds from the bank where he works, she is determined to prove his innocence. But how? There’s only one way – to attempt to break into the bank’s computer files. Even if Vicky is the best hacker in the world, will she find the real thief before they find her?


01 Dec 2023

My experience in the cryptocurrency community did not go as planned due to my association with the wrong company and individuals during the early stages of my investments. However, I was fortunate enough to be rescued from the predicament I found myself in by K N I G H T H O O D B O T RECOVERY CORP. These professionals were incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, providing me with regular updates as we progressed with the recovery plan.The loss occurred in mid-September after I was contacted on Facebook by someone I believed to be a trusted friend, who seemed to have my best interests at heart, just as I did with anyone I encountered online. Unfortunately, I naively assumed that everyone shared the same intentions as me. I trusted the trading company he introduced me to, believing it to be legitimate and licensed. However, everything about them turned out to be false. I lost a total of $163,000 to this fraudulent company, who deceived me into thinking I had a balance of $412,000. This was all a ruse to manipulate their customers into paying various fees and charges. I only discovered the truth when K N I G H T H O O D B O T CORP informed me that they could only recover my initial investment because the profits displayed on the company's website were not real.K N I G H T H O O D B O T CORP demonstrated their competence and organization throughout the recovery process, ultimately tracing and retrieving all the funds I had lost to the fraudulent company. I am delighted with the outcome, as it exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend reaching out to them via email at "K N I G HT H OO D B O T AT G MAIL DOT COM" to have your own case resolved, just as they did with mine last week. They also appear to be responsive on Telegram at "@ K NI G H T H O O D B O T 9".

01 Dec 2023

Walter Banks

At one point after I had registered and invested about 600,000 pounds which is a huge part of my life savings after the promises and beneficial financial packages, with almost hundred videos of their satisfied clients attesting to their exceptional and life changing benefits after investing with the company, I never knew it was a sophisticated planned scheme laid out by scammers to rip people off their hard earned funds which I was ashamed of myself that I fall for that. Seeing the videos of their satisfied clients attestation of their benefits when they invested with the crypto company, I was onto it pumping in funds with hopes of making grand profits and amassing wealth in the process. The first few months of my registration with the crypto company I made my withdrawal with ease and watched my crypto funds grow each day that passes, the problem really started last month when I was declined from making any withdrawal by the company saying I would have to pay tax clearance fees before I could be able to make my withdrawal. I paid the tax clearance fees but the problem persisted I was not able to make any withdrawal and from that moment everything got worse and I wasn't able to login with the crypto investment company again. I got devastated and ashamed of myself when I found out it was a scam and I had become a victim of scam, the guilt of the predicament were too much on me and I really blamed myself getting into this situation. I started looking for a solution to my problem and that was when I came to know about COREASSETINC RECOVERY FIRM " COREASSETINC @ GMAIL . COM OR Telegram : COREASSETINC " through the recommendation from my friend, I reached out to them and filed my case with them. COREASSETINC with their topnotch professional and efficient hackers restored my peace of mind retrieving back my lost crypto funds in 72hrs, It was a good choice choosing them to work on the recovery process of my lost funds. They maintained a good line of transparent communication with me updating me of the progress made every minute of the recovery process, I would say I was proud working with this very trustworthy hacking firm and I will be forever grateful for what they did in my life bring a halt to the turbulent and most frustrating predicament of my entire life, I tell you their recovery services were topnotch in recovering what I thought I already lost. Their combination of technology and human expertise was pivotal in the recovery process, I am writing this so anyone reading this and in a similar situation can as well contact them for their services.

01 Dec 2023

I see a lot of recommendations online and it’s already obvious there are bad eggs online who will only add to your mystery. I can only recommend one and you can reach them via mail on (refunded tech recovery @ gMAIL com) if you need help on recovering what you lost to scammers.

30 Nov 2023

Ethan Wilson

My lost crypto funds got retrieved back by this resourceful and innovative hacking institute and I also learnt a lot from working with them, the pressure was on me being with so many debts, when I decided to invest into cryptocurrency I never foresaw that there would be a time like this where I am left with no glimmer of hope getting my funds back. The road to recovering of lost funds is a double chance game because I got scammed on my first time of trying, getting scammed multiple times has happened to many victims of fraud in the crypto world. I got my crypto funds retrieved on my second trying with this legitimate hacking firm COREASSETINC RECOVERY FIRM which has been very efficient and experts with the recovery phase of lost Bitcoin or crypto funds, through their combination of basic intellectual knowledge and their knowledge of the crypto realm as they trace down lost funds and get them restored back to the original owner. Their input in recovering of lost funds has been consistent helping many of the distressed get their peace of mind and their funds back, I was lucky coming across COREASSETINC at the first place and being able to experience their exceptional and excellent services in retrieving back my lost funds. I got referred to contact " COREASSETINC @ GMAIL . COM OR Telegram : @ COREASSETINC " by one of their satisfied clients when I started asking questions on how I could solve the predicament I was into getting scammed of 560,000 pounds investing with the wrong crypto platform, they brought my dismay to a very happy ending show me that there is still justice for the scammed victims.

29 Nov 2023

Russell Burns

Trying to retrieve what we have lost to scammers online can bring about more misfortune being scammed multiple times over and over again, I was a victim of scam who experienced such misfortune and it really hurts, the depression and guilt of loosing funds investing with a crypto company and getting scammed multiple times trying to get it all back was never the plan at first. I ventured into crypto investment with the advice of my very good friend Dr. Wilson, He showed me his evidences of investment with the crypto company, withdrawals he has made and testimonies of many of their satisfied clients whom also invested with the company. I was convinced and invested with them, watching my crypto funds grow each passing day I pumped in more funds culminating it all to 560,000 pounds worth of crypto. It never occurred to me that I will loose everything I invested with the company in a breath which brought my life to a halt, I was frustrated, devastated and started accumulating debts. COREASSETINC RECOVERY FIRM was my saviour retrieving back everything I lost to the fake crypto company after I reached out to them for their services, the recovery process started with a thorough investigation of the fake crypto company and tracing down my funds restoring it back into my bank account with their exceptional team of hackers assigned to my case. I am filled with gratitude writing down my testimony of this magnificent hacking firm and pasting it on every page to let the whole world know about the exceptional recovery services of COREASSETINC. Contact info - email : COREASSETINC @ GMAIL . COM OT Telegram : @ COREASSETINC.

28 Nov 2023


Cryptocurrency is with no doubt taking the world by storm. It's like the rebellious teenager of the digital currency world - mysterious, intriguing, and a little bit unpredictable. With more and more people hopping on the Bitcoin bandwagon, it's clear that this digital asset has become an integral part of our lives. But, as with anything in life, there's always a downside. And with Bitcoin, that downside comes in the form of lost or inaccessible funds. Imagine this: you've invested your hard-earned money into Bitcoin, only to find that you've misplaced your wallet credentials or fallen victim to a cyber-attack. It's like misplacing the key to your treasure chest filled with virtual gold. Cue the panic and frustration. GearHead Engineers Organisation is a bright light in the Bitcoin world. This company has helped investors across the world to retrieve lost or stolen Bitcoins. Website: gearheadengineers . org

28 Nov 2023

Thomas Meyer

Thanks to the efficient and excellent recovery services of coreassetinc hacking institute when I reached out to them to assist with their services in the recovery process of my stolen Bitcoin. A lot has really happened with me recently, from loosing my wife through divorce and to loosing my hard earned funds 450,000 pounds when my laptop was compromised by an unknown hacker. When we got married newly eight months ago, everything was moving fine until now I am left in frustration and devastated with everything that has happened recently. I was left with no choice going forward because I really didn't know what to do but to keep on moving on the right direction with my life with the hope of all my problem getting solved one day. The loss financially really hit me hard to some points I get lost in thoughts of how everything was going fine just recently, Looking for solution to my predicament I was referred to reach out to coreassetinc recovery firm by my coworker at the office Mr. Sanchez after I asked questions. That really was a helpful tipoff so I decided to write them through their email handle " coreassetinc @ gmail . com " when I get back from work on that particular day, on reaching out to them I was welcomed with assurance that my lost funds will be retrieved. Their dedicated approach and devotion to customer satisfaction was immense and they were ever present communicating with me every minute on the progress being made in the recovery process. They were always there making sure all my questions or doubts are clearly explained getting me to understanding innovative security measures to be sure of the security of my wallet. I really learned a lot sharing informations with them, I was really shocked and surprised when my stolen Bitcoin were restored back into my wallet on third day exactly 72hrs of working with them. I am really grateful to them for helping me in tracing down my stolen Bitcoin and restoring it back into my wallet and you can also reach to them through their Telegram page : @ coreassetinc.

27 Nov 2023

Callum Kennedy

I was a victim of cryptocurrency scam late last year. A Facebook imposter pretending to be a broker that I had been chatting with for over five months convinced me on how I would gain large profits from an authorized crypto company he claimed he worked for that trades BTC. I didn't hesitate in investing with them, I never knew they were wolfs in sheep clothing, they made away with my 400,000 dollars worth of crypto. I was left in disbelief and devastated as this was my hard earned money. After I had lost to scammers again trying to retrieve back my funds , I was cautious not to fell victim again but after reading positive article and testimonies written about C O R E A S S E T I N C RECOVERY FIRM . A licensed hacking firm with evergreen team of hackers, experts in cryptocurrency recovery and any other hacking issues. On contacting them I was made to understand how the firm works laying out their working terms and conditions which I accepted before they commenced with the recovery phase. Their dedication and professionalism displayed while working with them on the recovery process encouraged me that the end result would be successful. I was over joyed on the fourth day when all my lost funds and the profits I was supposed to make were retrieved into my bank account. As a form of appreciation this was the best I could do for them by testifying of their great services and also putting out their contact here for anyone who might also need their help. Email : c o r e a s s e t i n c @ gmail . com or Telegram : @ c o r e a s s e t i n c.

26 Nov 2023

A scammer in disguise as a broker whom I met on Instagram some months back deceived and lured me into investing with a crypto platform not knowing he was the mastermind behind the scheme to rip me of my hard earned funds. Trusting people easily with your funds can have a good and bad outcome, I invested big with the crypto platform I got referred to by my broker friend I met on Instagram. On our chats we normally discussed about crypto investment and the vast promises of wealth that comes with it which was what really made me to consider investing with them at the first place. I made few withdrawals months after I registered with them, but going forward I was declined abruptly from making any withdrawal. On complaints I was made to understand that the site was going through maintenance, as time came and passed I got sure it was a scam. I got ashamed of myself loosing $340,000 worth of crypto currency to scammers and from that moment, I set out on desperate quest to recover my lost funds which led me to knowing about coreassetinc recovery firm. On contacting them I was welcomed by topnotch professionals and a dedicative approach which really got me drawn to them. On my case, I worked together with a team of hackers assigned to my case which were devoted with achieving success for their clients. There devotion, determination and professionalism were pivotal in achieving success in my case, which can be also possible in your on case if you reach out to them through there contact info, Email : coreassetinc @ gmail . com or Telegram : @ coreassetinc.

25 Nov 2023

Technically prowess and legal procedures are combined by coreassetinc recovery firm " coreassetinc @ gmail . com or Telegram : @ coreassetinc " to achieve remarkable results for their clients. Their knowledge of the Bitcoin landscape is made to handle even the most complicated situations. They update their tools often and adjust to the changing Bitcoin recovery scene with an unshakable commitment to keeping ahead of the curve. Devastated as I was I contacted coreassetinc which swiftly launched an investigation into the matter. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and their recovery expertise , turning a frustrating predicament into a triumphant comeback. coreassetinc excels in efficient recovery services, saving you both time and potential financial losses. Their team of skilled professionals knows how to optimize the process, ensuring that you can get your Bitcoin back as quickly as possible. Their will to first for their clients satisfaction and peace of mind make them an ally . In the unpredictable world of cryptocurrencies, where fortune can be made or lost in an instant, having a reliable partner like coreassetinc can be the game-changer. Their expert guidance, dedication,cost efficiency, unwavering commitment to security and confidentiality make them the go-to choice for recovering lost Bitcoin. Remember, the security of your Bitcoin is crucial, but in case you find yourself in a Bitcoin bind, trust the professionals at coreassetinc to bring your hard-earned currency back into your digital wallet. TRUST COREASSETINC TO RETRIEVE YOUR LOST BITCOIN SWIFTLY.

24 Nov 2023


I want to tell everyone how much I appreciate BASIC RECOVERY CONSULTANT since they literally saved my family and me when I lost all of my bitcoins as a result of a bad decision to invest in the incorrect platform. Thank God, once I contacted them with my worries, they were able to locate my misplaced bitcoin in less than 48 hours. I truly value the work that Basic Recovery Consultant has done, and I strongly recommend that everyone contact them by utilising the details provided below:

Email address: Basicrecovery @ consultant .com
Whatsapp: +16072323894
Telegram: Basic Recovery
Signal : +17402581890

Check out their website at https: //dev-basicrecovery.pantheonsite .io/

24 Nov 2023

Ryan Alvarado

Thanks to the meticulous efforts of C O R E A S S E T I N C RECOVERY FIRM, I am thrilled to share that my lost Bitcoin worth 340,000 dollars was successfully recovered. The recovery firm provided regular updates and communicated transparently throughout the process, ensuring that am I well-informed about the progress made. Losing access to valuable Bitcoin can feel like all hope is lost. However, with the help of C O R E A S S E T I N C I was able to regain control over my digital assets and restore my peace of mind . Their expertise, professionalism and commitment to clients satisfaction were truly commendable. If you find yourself in a similar situation, I highly recommend reaching out to this particular recovery firm for their reliable and efficient Bitcoin recovery services. Remember securing your cryptocurrency investments is crucial, don't let lost Bitcoin remain lost forever when there are experts ready to help you recover it. Contact information are Email : C O R E A S S E T I N C @ GMAIL . COM and Telegram : @ C O R E A S S E T I N C .

23 Nov 2023

To avoid the heart-stopping feeling of sending cryptocurrency to the wrong wallet, it's crucial to double-check the wallet address before hitting that send button. Take the time to carefully review the characters and ensure that you are sending your funds to the intended recipient. When you find yourself in the unfortunate position of sending Bitcoin to the wrong wallet, remember that there's hope. With Muyern Trust Hacker by your side, you can stand strong, knowing that your lost funds can be restored. After all, even in the digital realm, there are wizards who can work their magic. Muyern Trust Hacker is catastrophic about security when it comes to your private data. To guarantee the safety and protection of your data, they use cutting-edge security procedures. You can feel secure knowing that your data is in capable hands because of sophisticated encryption technologies and secure servers. In the volatile realm of cryptocurrencies, errors can occur and money might be misplaced just like myself where I sent $70,000 to a wrong wallet. That's why having dependable recovery services, such as Muyern Trust Hacker, is essential. Reach Muyern Trust Hacker via: muyerntrusted[at]mail-me[dot]com or Telegram: [at]muyerntrusthacker

23 Nov 2023


Bitcoin theft is on the rise, as hackers and cyber criminals become more sophisticated in their nefarious endeavors. With the exponential growth of cryptocurrency, it has become an attractive target for those looking to make a quick buck at the expense of unsuspecting investors. The impact of Bitcoin theft can be devastating, both financially and emotionally. Remember, should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of having your Bitcoin stolen, don't lose hope. Reach out to the nerds at GearHead Engineers Organisation and let them work their magic to transfer your Bitcoin back. When my bitcoin was stolen, I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. It seemed like all hope was lost, until I came across them. Intrigued by their claims of being able to recover stolen cryptocurrencies, I decided to give them a shot. After all, what did I have to lose? Working with the geeks was a breeze. Their team of experts guided me through the recovery process with utmost professionalism and expertise. They took the time to understand my case, asked the right questions, and swiftly got to work on retrieving my stolen bitcoin. Their collaboration with me throughout the entire process made me feel like I was in safe hands. I can assure you of a 100 percent success rate if you involve GearHead to assist you. For information, go to there site gearheadengineers dot org or email gearhead at engineer dot com

23 Nov 2023

RECOVERY OF COMPROMISED BITCOIN WALLET IS REAL !! Significant financial loss and psychological anguish can come from compromised Bitcoin wallets, but it can also lead to a decline in confidence in the Bitcoin community as a VICTIM. In the face of such adversaries, COREASSETINC RECOVERY FIRM has emerged as a trusted ally for those facing hacked Bitcoin wallets. Their team of dedicated professionals possesses an in-depth understanding of the vulnerabilities and complexities of digital wallets, armed with this knowledge, they employ advanced techniques to trace, recover and restore back bitcoins to hacked Bitcoin wallets. COREASSETINC carefully examining the circumstances and utilizing specialized techniques got my bitcoins worth $400,000 back in my Coinbase wallet. They have been the #1 choice for people looking to recover their compromised Bitcoin wallets because of their experience and their prompt and unparalleled customer service, countless clients have benefited from COREASSETINC wallet recovery services. My endorsements demonstrates how much I believe COREASSETINC can recover compromised Bitcoin wallets, They has played a pivotal role in elevating the security standards of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Through their vast technologies, proactive approach, and extensive expertise, they have helped identify vulnerabilities and develop innovative solutions to protect Bitcoin holders. Hurry now and let COREASSETINC know that you need their assistance through their contact info, Email : COREASSETINC @ GMAIL . COM OR TELEGRAM : @ COREASSETINC .

22 Nov 2023


i would like to share my experience with you all, I lost over 100k to all these fake so called BO merchants , after several attempts in trying to recover my money all efforts failed, i was looking through the page of the internet then i saw BEN at gm ail . com they were recommended as a good and reputable company so i reach out to them, to my surprise i was able to to recover all my funds , if you have fallen victim to any of all these fake so called schemes and you have lost your hard earned money you should reach out to. BENRECOVER20 @ gm ail dot com

22 Nov 2023

Howard Moreno

Imagine a team of cybersecurity with the power to resurrect lost Bitcoin, COREASSETINC RECOVERY FIRM showed me it can really be possible retrieving back lost Bitcoin. They are a leading company specialized in digital asset recovery, and they've made it their mission to help people like you reclaim what's rightfully theirs. With their expertise in the realm of cryptocurrency, they've become the go-to solution for those in desperate need of Bitcoin retrieval. COREASSETINC isn't just your average computer geek squad but a team of reputable hackers committed to satisfying their clients needs, they possess an impressive level of knowledge when it comes to Bitcoin retrieval and blockchain technology. They understand the intricate workings of the blockchain, know their way around various wallets, and have mastered the art of tracking down elusive Bitcoin transactions with their deep understanding and technical prowess. COREASSETINC is equipped to tackle fraud even the most challenging cases of lost Bitcoin. Do ensure to reach out to them if ever you need to retrieve lost bitcoins through their Email : COREASSETINC @ GMAIL . COM OR TELEGRAM : @ COREASSETINC .

21 Nov 2023

Walter Rogers

What sets COREASSETINC RECOVERY FIRM apart is not only their technical proficiency but also their commitment to customer service. Their team maintained open lines of communication, promptly addressing my concerns and providing regular updates on the progress of my case. This transparent and personalized approach made me feel valued as a client and alleviated much of the stress I had been experiencing. I am delighted to share that, thanks to COREASSETINC, I have successfully recovered the full amount of $250,000 worth of crypto that I had lost. This outcome would not have been possible without the dedication, expertise, and relentless efforts of their exceptional hacking team. They have not only restored my financial security but also renewed my faith in the possibility of justice in the digital realm. I wholeheartedly recommend COREASSETINC @ GMAIL . COM to anyone facing similar or related financial issues. Their unwavering commitment to achieving positive outcomes, combined with their extensive knowledge and exceptional customer service, make them the top choice for individuals seeking reputable assistance in recovering their lost funds. Once again, I extend my sincerest gratitude to the entire COREASSETINC team for Their outstanding services.

20 Nov 2023


Beware of Hackers while trading on Bitcoin,I learnt this the hard way .
As I was trading on Bitcoin on the 23 of September 2023, my account was hacked and my $139,000 that I was trading with disappeared in thin air. I was devastated and in distress,I immediately started looking for ways on how I could recover my lost funds! I went through several ads and I came across an Ad on after doing thorough research I noticed several people had gotten help from him and were actually happy after getting back all their lost funds, I personally inboxed several of them and they confirmed of the excellent service they received from Blakery hacker that's when I made contact too and as advertised I am here to testify that he helped me recover all my $139,000 that I had lost.He also gave me tips on how to keep my bitcoin account safe from hackers. If in any case, you have lost funds while trading on Bitcoin hurriedly contact blakery39 His services are 100% guaranteed and he doesn't waste time recovering what you lost.

20 Nov 2023

I'd like to share that I have been a victim of infidelity and I can tell you vividly that it hurts, and worse if you couldn't get a shred of evidence to prove your sanity. Even though I have discouraged my friends severally from hiring a private investigator to catch their cheating partners, I resorted to hiring one before my divorce. My partner hid her affair too well and I had no evidence to prove her infidelity to the court so I had to go back to my friend who I'm grateful for referring me to the review about a private investigator who he worked with on:- I told them the service I'm needing from them and why I need it. Their services were topnotch which made working with them very easy, they got me everything I needed within a few hours and it was amazing. I never knew technology was so advanced that I could see everything wanted at the tip of my fingers (forgive me I'm not a techie and neither am I good at it), with their exceptional service, I was able to convince my lawyer on why I should get a divorce and start a new life.

20 Nov 2023

Jan Adamec

Rushing into investing with crypto platforms without conducting proper investigation to be sure about their legitimacy before investing your hard earned funds with them can be really harmful to one's finances. I was a victim to a well SYNDICATED CRIME when I invested with a crypto platform loosing $340,000 in the whole scheme, I watched my assets grow the first few months I registered with the company and made few withdrawals. Everything about the company looked legit from the onset and that encouraged me to invest more with them , I pumped in another $100,000 into the company. The problem really started when I wanted to make withdrawals into my account and was declined by the company, on complaining to the support group about the issues I was told the site was going through maintenance. I couldn't get my money back so I went online looking for how I could retrieve back my lost funds and that was when I stumbled upon excellent reviews written about COREASSETINC RECOVERY FIRM. Throughout the recovery process, their team demonstrated an unparalleled level of expertise and knowledge in dealing with complex financial issues. Their will to fight for their customers satisfaction, topnotch professionalism and dedication were vital in retrieving back my crypto assets , I wholeheartedly recommend COREASSETINC @ GMAIL . COM to any one out there who wishes to ever retrieve back their funds.

19 Nov 2023

Jesse Pearson

The financial gains associated with investing into Bitcoin was too vast, and people made exploits of the opportunity amassing wealth in the process. I myself joined the que investing with a binary option site I came about online, the first two months of investment I watched my coins grow and made my withdrawals anytime I wanted. That really encouraged me into investing more with the company culminating it to the sum of $370,000 that I lost to imposters posing online as an investment company not knowing it was a scheme to rip people of their hard earned funds. I never imagined being into such predicament when investing and that really affected me because I wasn't able to sought out my financial expenses. I asked questions on how I could get it solved and I was referred to reach out to COREASSETINC RECOVERY FIRM by my wife's mother who had also lost her funds but got it restored back by COREASSETINC. I contacted them through their Email " COREASSETINC @ GMAIL . COM " to help with their services in the recovery process of my lost funds which they came out on top restoring my funds into my account. Beware that there are fake investment companies when investing your hard earned funds and if ever you fall victim to scam don't hesitate reaching out to COREASSETINC to get your funds restored effectively.

18 Nov 2023

My co - worker at the office my Mr. Hanson who introduced me to a Binary option site which he sent their referrals to my email urging me to invest with the company showing proofs of his investment gains with the Binary option site . Seeing I could make grand profits if I invest after being convinced by my friend and seeing the proofs of his generated profits with the company and the withdrawals he has made also. I invested $280,000 with the company and when I wanted to make my withdrawals it was declined, on contacting the support group for the problem to get solved amicably but no good results came forth. I didn't know what to do in that situation because it was my first time venturing into cryptocurrency investment with the advice of my friend, I really was frustrated and devastated being in such position. After seeing their was no response coming from the company on how I could withdraw my funds , I went on a Cyber Hunt in the internet seeking possible ways I can get my funds restored back into my account and that was when I stumbled on COREASSETINC RECOVERY FIRM with excellent reviews written about them and their recovery success. Believing the reviews were true I hired them to assist with their services in the recovery process of my lost funds, they laid out their working terms and conditions which I accepted before they started with the recovery process. It was a wonderful experience retrieving my funds back into my account with the help of COREASSETINC @ GMAIL . COM and their amazing team of expert hackers, I wholeheartedly recommend them for anybody out there who has lost their funds to scammers to get their funds restored with immediate effect.

17 Nov 2023


There are a lot of untrue recommendations and its hard to tell who is legit. If you have lost money to scam contact (refundedtechrecovery @ gmail.
com) He will surely help you out. Took me long to find him.

17 Nov 2023

The order of the day is VALOR HACK RECOVERY just got scammed!, the first thing that happens is the shock, that really powerful shock that brings a kind of debilitating numbness, our senses become paralyzed and we are simply overwhelmed.that is because we never imagined ourselves taking that big of a loss and so it’s not easy to look at the loss and even accept that it happened.I’m a long term crypto currency investor who got duped of 6 BTC in a fake stock market all in one day and I couldn’t speak/see any one for over week because I was in such a severe shock...after the initial shock I sank to all kinds of negative emotions, guilt,regret,ashamed as to how to share this with anyone. I’m here to tell you to stop feeling sorry for yourself, there is HOPE.“VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM” , an efficient team of hackers ready to assist you with any task you’d need a hacker for , I contacted VALOR HACK RECOVERY through their EMAIL: Valorhaq @ Gmail dotcom to recover my lost asset. Until today I never believed any of this to be possible but VALOR HACK made it possible. They also have a TELEGRAM CHANNEL: Valorhaq_HQ, I know when we are scammed these emotions are strong but trust me we have all been there and you are not alone and understand that you are only feeling this way because you are yet to contact VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM. For a lot of people it may take longer to come out of the shock but eventually you will come out of that extreme negativity, when you do I hope this points you in the right direction. “VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM” The Saviors...

17 Nov 2023

Andraes Huber

It was like getting bitten by a snake multiple times, I got scammed multiple times trying to retrieve what I had already lost investing with a cryptocurrency platform that I registered with two months ago. I never knew investing into cryptocurrency would bring me such dismay of loosing 700,000 dollars worth of cryptocurrency and getting scammed again and again, it was my first time being in such situation which if I had known I would not have ventured into it. The riches and wealth of investment were the main attraction to investing into cryptocurrency not knowing I had invested with the wrong platform. I already lost faith in ever retrieving back my lost fund when my son recommended COREASSETINC RECOVERY FIRM with some excellent reviews written about them from all parts of the world and assurance that they will retrieve my funds back into my account. I didn't really want to give them a try but with the recommendation coming from my son I changed my mind and gave COREASSETINC a try to assist me with their services in my case. To my utmost disbelief, COREASSETINC with their team of specialist hackers who are embodied and dedicated to retrieving of lost funds for people all over the world did exactly that in my case. That experience was really extra ordinary to me so I decided to shared it with people who are in the same situation I was to not be hesitant in contacting COREASSETINC @ GMAIL . COM OR TELEGRAM : @ COREASSETINC .

17 Nov 2023

Never met any anyone as discreet and efficient as Constantine. First was when my ex wife was cheating on me, He gave me full access to her phone remotely and that was how that ended. Recently he has helped me pay off my credit cards debts which I still believe it’s genius work. I must say he’s the best at what he does and I recommend him to the world.
Send an email to Constantine.gig@ gmail .com and remember this day for good
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16 Nov 2023

Michael Wheeler

I wasn't one who really believes in second chance in life but I think in this case I was given a second chance. That really started when I invested $190,000 with a Binary option site I got referred to by a friend of mine who had also invested with them not knowing about their illegitimacy, our funds were lost when the company crashed the month after investing. Each day that passed really put me on the edge about retrieving back my funds, Taking away smiles from my faced whenever I remember the ordeal. With my friend who had referred me to the company who in turn lost $350,000, we sourced for solution in the internet where we came about c o r e a s s e t i n c recovery firm and came to the conclusion of hiring them to help with their services in the recovery process of our lost crypto funds. Indeed in 72hrs I was given a second chance when our lost funds were retrieved back into our wallets by this magnificent hacking firm, with their super dedication and professionalism they showed concern for our dilemma. Don't hesitate to reach out to them if you ever wish on retrieving your lost crypto funds. Email : c o r e a s s e t i n c @ gmail . com or Telegram : @ c o r e a s s e t i n c .

15 Nov 2023


Bitcoin, the digital currency that has taken the world by storm, has become increasingly popular in recent years. With its decentralized nature and potential for high returns, it's no wonder that more and more people are investing in Bitcoin. However, along with its rise in popularity comes the risk of loss. Losing your hard-earned Bitcoin can be disastrous, regardless of whether it was caused by hostile hackers, human error, or a technological malfunction. Anyone would lose sleep at night imagining all that money vanishing out of thin air. Adrian Lamo Hacker and other recovery services can help with it. Losing Bitcoin is not just a financial setback; it can have far-reaching consequences. Imagine losing your life savings or a significant investment in the blink of an eye. It can lead to feelings of frustration, despair, and even regret. Thankfully, there is a ray of brightness. Recovery services are experts at helping people find their misplaced Bitcoin, providing a semblance of hope to those who had given up on life. It's true what they say, "better late than never," and every attempt is worthwhile in the case of retrieving lost Bitcoin. Adrian Lamo Hacker is a well-known brand when it comes to recovering lost Bitcoin. They have established themselves as a dependable resource for people in need thanks to their knowledge and specialized services. Adrian Lamo Hacker offers a solution for any scenario, from getting money back from misplaced wallets to getting stolen Bitcoin back from compromised exchanges. Call Adrian Lamo Hacker for assistance through


WhatsApp: ‪+1 (313) 213‑2442


14 Nov 2023


On July 14, 2023, I received a notification from LinkedIn informing me that I needed to read an article written by someone named Laci Lebohangmabe. This person claimed to be a South African woman living in Dubai, and she strongly encouraged me to consider getting involved in cryptocurrency trading. She promised to send me a referral link from a company called Optionsswingefx and introduced me to her account manager, Mr. Hanks, who would guide me through the trading process. After activating my trading account with Optionsswingefx and depositing over $127,000, Mr. Hanks became my account manager and we communicated mainly through WhatsApp.Mr. Hank helped me choose from various investment plans offered by the company. Eventually, I decided to invest in a 3-month Pensioner's Plan, which locked my funds for three months and promised a daily growth rate of 45%. According to Mr. Hanks, I only needed to pay a monthly service maintenance fee of $1,000. As the plan reached maturity in November 2023, I had accumulated over $600,000 in profits.However, when I requested to withdraw the funds into my wallet, Mr. Hanks informed me that I needed to pay gas fees and purchase a legal trading license, which would cost a total of $62,000. Out of desperation to retrieve my funds, I paid the charges. However, two days after making the payment, I received no response from Optionsswingefx, or Mr Hank and I then Understood that I had fallen victim to a scam.I initially reported the incident to the police , but they were unable to assist me.I turned to the internet for help in recovering my funds. That's when I discovered a Private Funds Recovery Firm called "KNIGHTHOODBOT RECOVERY CORP." They took on my case and the outcome was beyond my expectations. Optionsswingefx may be a scam company, but they couldn't get away with my money so easily. I am grateful to KNIGHTHOODBOT at Gmail dot Com for their transparency throughout the recovery process. Without their help, I could have ended up homeless. My faith in God helped me overcome this ordeal.
If you find yourself in a similar situation, especially if you're new to the crypto world, I urge you to seek help from (@Knighthoodbot9) on Telegram. They truly work wonders. Stay safe and vigilant out there.

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