The Jolly Postman: Or, Other People's Letters

The Jolly Postman: Or, Other People's Letters by Janet Ahlberg, Allan Ahlberg, and

By Janet Ahlberg, Allan Ahlberg, and and,

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A new, larger version of a title in which the Jolly Postman delivers cards and letters to various fairytale characters. Includes six envelopes containing letters and cards. Illustrated in colour.

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30 Dec 2018

Goldilocks was kind apologising to baby bear and inviting him to her party. The postman delivers lots of letters and it us fun to read them all. My favourite letter was Cinderella because it was a copy of her short story and Peter piper congratulated her on her new life

30 Dec 2018

It has lots of letters and lots of pull outs that are fun. The best bit was that goldilocks had a party

08 Aug 2018

I really like when the witch made green tea for the postman

18 Jul 2018

It is a amazing way to learn all cartoon characters

30 Oct 2017

I liked reading all the letters that the postman had to deliver to everybody. My favourite letter was the witches letter because it had different potions in it.

23 Sep 2017

I liked the book because it was funny

07 Sep 2017

i do not reply like it

04 Sep 2017

|I like reading the letters that people got sent. it is a lovely story

30 Aug 2017

Great book and so much fun trying to match the letters/postcards to the stories and then post them.

30 Aug 2017

I love this book so much. Its about a postman that delivers lots of letters. i like the bit where he goes to the palace to deliver a letter and a sign says sold. The letter was for Cinderella and he drank lots of Champagne and almost fell off his bike oop's!

15 Aug 2017

It has postcards and letters inside it, and it says 'Once upon a bicycle' instead of 'Once upon a time.'

12 Aug 2017

An interactive book for young readers about everyday fairytale characters and their interactions.

(Included in 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up.)

09 Aug 2017

I like the notes.

07 Aug 2017

I loved it because you get to take out the letters and they are real!

05 Aug 2017

This book is about a postman delivering letters and you can take them out and read it

31 Jul 2017

Because I like parties

29 Jul 2017

The jolly postman loves to deliver letters to many houses. The best part was when the Goldilocks got her birthday card from Mrs. Bunting and baby.

28 Jul 2017

I love all the extra letters and notes in this book its mummys favourite x

24 Jul 2017

It's lots of fun opening the letters.

18 Jul 2017

Loved all the letters

25 Jun 2017

The book has slits in the pages where letters are hidden.

03 Jan 2017

I love picking out all the letters and games out of the envelopes

06 Oct 2016

I love all the surprises

07 Sep 2016

This is one of my favourite books. I really enjoy reading all the letters that the postman delivers

30 Aug 2016

I like the Giants letter.

12 Aug 2016

It is fun and there are surprise letters for you to unfold

06 Aug 2016

This book is so good, I love reading the letters and playing with the games. I like the rhymes and all the fairy tale characters.

05 Aug 2016

This is a lovely book loved by children of varying ages. Each page has a pull out letter which engages the reader further.

29 Jul 2016

This is an amazing book and EVERYONE should read it. It is one of Janet and Allan Ahlburgs best books. It includes letters too!

21 Jul 2016

It's really good and I really liked it. I liked getting out and reading all the letters. It was funny and I liked the rhymes.

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