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The Jolly Postman: Or, Other People's Letters

The Jolly Postman: Or, Other People's Letters by Janet Ahlberg, Allan Ahlberg, and

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By Janet Ahlberg, Allan Ahlberg, and and,

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A new, larger version of a title in which the Jolly Postman delivers cards and letters to various fairytale characters. Includes six envelopes containing letters and cards. Illustrated in colour.

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11 Sep 2021

This is my favourite book

06 Sep 2021

I liked all the little bits inside to read, and read it to my little brother, hes 2

23 Aug 2021

I like it has letters from everyone. I would tell everyone about this book.

20 Aug 2021

I gave the book a 4 because I love reading al of the letters that the postman delivers to all of the people on his bike . I also recommend the someone ese should have a go at reading the book

15 Aug 2021

This is a favourite of ours. We love the letters.

13 Aug 2021

Because I like parties.

10 Aug 2021

I liked opening the letters in the book. Some of the letters were boring like the wolf letter but I liked the postcard for the giant and the Goldilocks letter that is my best one.

30 Jul 2021

Love all the letters to read such fun

29 Jul 2021

The Jolly Postman is a very good book. It is very well set out with all the little pieces of information and cards. I thought it was very funny. I highly recommend it and it is very clever the way they have misspelt a few words on Goldilock's letter.

26 Jul 2021

I love the different parts that you can pull out and read. The postman is my favourite character.

20 Jul 2021

I liked reading the letters

19 Jul 2021

In the Perspective of Polly Rose :
" I loved the book ! I think it was very fun to read because of all the fun letters inside . My favourite person in the book was the Jolly Postman and Goldilocks , because I loved the Jolly Postman's bike and Goldilocks was very pretty and I liked the party she had " .

10 Jul 2021

I gave this book five stars because I really like reading the postcards. My favourite was the birthday one because I would have liked to go to that party and play postman's knock!

21 Jun 2021

It was great, I loved reading all the tiny letters inside it
the pictures were really pretty aswell.
it came with a little set of envelopes and letters for you to write your own and a set of stickers with pictures from the book on them
I really like the story of the postman and getting to see who he was visiting when he was delivering the mail

13 Jan 2021

I liked the three bears part of the book.

05 Jan 2021

Fun book with lots of "post". Would recommend.

03 Jan 2021

I love this one especially the witches advert. I read it to my baby sister before she went to bed and she thought it was funny.

26 Dec 2020

This book is about a postman who was delivering letters to different houses.

My favorite character was Goldilocks because she wrote a letter to the 3 bears to come to her birthday party and she made so many mistakes.

10 Dec 2020

when the jolly postman sent letters a d I got to read them.

18 Oct 2020

I really liked it because of how the letters come out of the book for you to read them.

29 Sep 2020

It is fun taking out all the letters and seeing who they are for.

24 Sep 2020

I like looking at all the post in the flaps and who the letters are to and from. I like how they include my favourite fairytale characters. I think my friends would like this book too.

20 Sep 2020

I really enjoy reading this book as it is fun. The postman makes me laugh and I like all the letters.

09 Sep 2020

I like reading a letter a day! I think the witches magic shopping is my favourite

07 Sep 2020

It was a good book

05 Sep 2020

I like reading the witch's letter.

05 Sep 2020

I liked the book because it was fun and I enjoyed reading the letters and postcards that were found in the envelopes throughout the book. I liked the Three Bears the best and I liked it when baby bear went to the party.

03 Sep 2020

I love all the pull out bits in this book

02 Sep 2020

This is my favourite book because there are lots of letters inside envelopes that you can read. They are very fun. One is a postcard for a giant, one is a letter to the three bears from Goldilocks and one is a birthday card for Goldilocks!

01 Sep 2020

That was a good book all the letters were great.
I loved the Postman best.
I would recommend it 4+.

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