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The Reading Agency's April Booklist for Adults - Autism

We have created a list of brilliant books written predominantly by autistic authors and representing a diverse range of experiences, stories and voices. We have used identity first language (autistic) in line with current best practice, unless a different term has been used by an autistic author in their work.

We are proud to have worked with Autistic UK on the creation of this booklist. Autistic UK is an Autistic People’s Organisation (APO) – an organisation run by autistic people for autistic people. It aims to advance the interests of all autistic people and those with related neurodevelopmental conditions, to promote and protect the civil and human rights of the autistic population and to campaign for the enforcement of the legislation which guarantees their rights. Find out more about Autistic UK at or follow them on Twitter.

Please note that the titles in this list are suggestions from The Reading Agency’s Reading Partners programme, our publisher partners and Autistic UK rather than professionally endorsed recommendations. This list has not been developed through our Reading Well programme and its book selection methodology.


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