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The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods

Resource Pack for KS2 Teachers

This is the story of a sleepy town called Suds. A place where stories fill the air of children turning grey and disappearing without a trace.

Poppy and Erasmus are certain there’s something peculiar going on in Suds, and they’re determined to unravel its secrets. But when they discover the answers might lie in the dark and twisting woods, can they find the courage to creep inside and solve this riddling mystery?

Introducing The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods – the highly anticipated new book by Samuel J. Halpin, illustrated by Hannah Peck, a dark and twisting fairytale for you and your KS2 class to be enthralled by!

Each lesson uses extracts from the book (which are also read by Samuel himself in corresponding videos), giving you the full package to share with children (recommended ages 9+) and to excite their imaginations!

The activities included have a literacy focus, looking in particular at fairytales and the different world-building techniques within this genre. The activities can be taught as whole units or as individual activities to be dipped in and out of.

These notes include reading comprehension questions to support and elevate understanding of the text and to improve reading inference, retrieval and predictive skills, as well as suggestions for classroom activities to enjoy the book – from reading by torchlight, to drawing book covers for fairytales, creating suspense and mystery, and sending postcards from peculiar dreams!

We’re also excited to announce a perfectly Peculiar schools competition. Visit and tell us why your school should win a set of 30 books for your school!


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