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Win, read and review copies of You Could Be So Pretty by Holly Bourne

“Razor-sharp and compelling, it is essential reading for every teenage girl.” The Observer

“I devoured this – so compelling and with such a powerful message.” Katherine Webber

Usborne is delighted to be offering copies of You Could Be So Pretty by Holly Bourne to teenage and adult reading groups for review. To apply, please complete the survey by 16 October.

More about the book

“The Doctrine exists to make us believe we are less than, so we don’t have the strength to overthrow everything. Masking, and Ceremonies, and Chosen Ones – how we’re all groomed to worry constantly about what we look like – it’s a deliberate pressure. It’s designed to keep us down. To limit us. Divide us. Masks…Beauty…it’s all about weakening and dividing us.”

In Belle and Joni’s world there are two options for girls: One, follow the rules of the Doctrine: be a Pretty, apply your Mask, win admiration and attention, work hard to be crowned at the Ceremony.
Be a Belle.

Or two, fight the rules: be an Objectionable, leave your face bare, be sneered at or ignored, work hard to avoid the disgust in their eyes and hope to one day escape.
Be a Joni.

But maybe there is a third option…
You Could Be So Pretty is a work of fiction but deals with many real issues including eating disorders, domestic abuse, pornography, misogyny, sexual harassment and assault, which some readers may find distressing or offensive.
The recommended minimum age is 14.
If you would like to win 10 copies for your reading group,  please complete this survey by 18 October for the chance to take part.


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