Heart Berries - An Emma Watson Book Club Pick

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Selected by Emma Watson for her UN book club, Our Shared Shelf

‘My story was maltreated. The words were too wrong and ugly to speak. I tried to tell someone my story, but he thought it was a hustle. He marked it as solicitation.

The man took me shopping with his pity. I was silenced by charity—like so many Indians. I kept my hand out. My story became the hustle.

Women asked me what my endgame was. I hadn’t thought about it. I considered marrying one of the men and sitting with my winnings, but I was too smart to sit. I took their money and went to school. I was hungry and took more. When I gained the faculty to speak my story, I realized I had given men too much.’ – from Heart Berries, Terese Marie Mailhot

A wrenching depiction of trauma, motherhood, mental illness, race and memory, Heart Berries is the powerful and poetic story of a woman’s coming of age on an Indian Reservation in the Pacific Northwest.

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Praise for Heart Berries

‘I loved it … Powerfully written, intricately executed. I felt like I read the whole thing in one breath’ – Kate Tempest, Musician and author of The Bricks that Built the Houses

‘An astounding memoir… Here is a wound. Here is need, naked and unapologetic. Here is a mountain woman, towering in words great and small … What Mailhot has accomplished in this exquisite book is brilliance both raw and refined’ – Roxane Gay, author of Hunger

‘A sledgehammer … A mixture of vulnerability and rage, sexual yearning and artistic ambition, swagger and self-mockery’- New York Times

“I am quietly reveling in the profundity of Mailhot’s deliberate transgression in Heart Berries and its perfect results. I love her suspicion of words. I have always been terrified and in awe of the power of words – but Mailhot does not let them silence her in Heart Berries. She finds the purest way to say what she needs to say… [T]he writing is so good it’s hard not to temporarily be distracted from the content or narrative by its brilliance…Perhaps, because this author so generously allows us to be her witness, we are somehow able to see ourselves more clearly and become better witnesses to ourselves.” ― Emma Watson, Official March/April selection for Our Shared Shelf

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