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We are very excited to offer 10 reading groups the chance to read a proof copy of Why Mummy Swears!

Once you’ve read it, we’d love to hear what you think. Tweet us using the #WhyMummySwears @HarperNonFic on Twitter, and Gill is @whymummydrinks .

Following the huge success of the hilarious debut novel Why Mummy Drinks, Gill Sims is back, and this time, she’s got a few choice words to share…

Mummy has found herself a new challenge, working for one of the hottest new tech start-ups, which occupies a sexy, glossy glass office block full of beautiful people. But not only is she worrying if, at forty-two, she could actually get up off a bean bag with dignity, she’s also somehow (accidentally) rebranded herself as a hot, single party girl who works hard, plays hard and doesn’t have to run out when the nanny calls in sick…

Meanwhile, Mummy’s marriage is feeling the strain, her kids are running wild and the house is steadily developing a forest of mould…

Only Judgy, the Proud and Noble Terrier remains loyal as always. Can Mummy keep everything from falling apart? Or even find time for a G + T anymore?

We have sets of 10 copies to give away to 10 lucky reading groups, enter for your chance to win!


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