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Halton Teenz Bookspace Online Reading Group If you are aged 11-19, love reading and would like to discuss books with other young people online, why not join our virtual reading group? Halton Libraries has set up an online reading group for young people on ‘Good Reads’ http://www.goodreads.com/ Registering with the site is easy, using just a name, email address and password with no requirement for further details. Once registered, you can find our reading group here: http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/70519-halton-teenz-bookspace OR search for the group by clicking the dropdown arrow by ‘Explore’ and typing ‘halton’ in the search box which will bring up our 2 online groups. The young people’s group is ‘Halton Teenz Bookspace’ We will have general discussions and specific discussions on books that have multiple copies available in Halton Libraries which will be changed regularly, plus a variety of ideas for discussions suggested by the Halton ‘Reading Activists’ volunteers. This is an open group. Young people from anywhere can join and invite others to join. The content is monitored by library staff. If you have any problems please email maria.hardie@halton.gov.uk allyson.watt@halton.gov.uk or lorna.hulme@halton.gov.uk

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