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I am writing on behalf of Bury Libraries Reader Development Team. We have recently been working with other publishing houses, generating reviews from our reading groups here at Bury Libraries. Over the last eighteen months we have developed our very own blog for our members and the reading community at large! The blog’s focus is on books and reading; real people recommending books to one another. As part of this project we have launched our very own virtual reading group and this is where we start the journey of our donated book sets: https://libraryreaderblog.wordpress.com/category/group-read/ https://libraryreaderblog.wordpress.com/posts/ The sets now make their way through our largest groups, generating feedback and comments that we will then publish on our blog. Bury Libraries active social media sites also support the project, providing additional coverage: https://twitter.com/Burylibraries/ https://www.facebook.com/Burylibraries/

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