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• Are you struggling under insurmountable amounts of student debt? • Are you living in your childhood bedroom or paying extortionate rental fees for a landlord who doesn't think the mould growing in your shower is "that big of a deal?" • Do you want to meet up with other screwed twenty-somethings to have a drink and talk about books to reassure ourselves that we are viable candidates for that admin job or unpaid internship? Then you've reached the right place! If you're aged 20-30 and tired of living in a city that's devoid of culture, we'll be hosting a monthly get together in Peterborough to review books and also discuss any genre of literature that fascinates you, so whether it's sci-fi, non-fiction, comic books or the latest prize-winner please get in touch! Also you don't have to have a degree to join - an "unfresh graduate" is basically a term I quite like after a recruitment agency called me it once regarding a job I applied for (I didn't get it - SURPRISE) so I won't be demanding to see your BA or Masters certificates (unless they're really impressive).

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