Elmer Again

Elmer Again by David McKee

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By David McKee

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It’s coming up to Elmer’s Day, the day when all grey elephants paint themselves in bright colours. For Elmer, the patchwork elephant with the mischievous sense of fun, life seems far too quiet. So he thinks up a marvellous joke he can play on the other elephants in the night, when they’re asleep…

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19 Jul 2018

This book was good to read.
Elmer tricked the elephants, which was funny.

14 Aug 2017

i enjoyed it.

05 Aug 2017

It was very funny

31 Jul 2017

It is funny

24 Jun 2017

Entertaining sequel. You can't beat a bit of Elmer :)

15 Aug 2016

at night time Elmer painted all the elephants Elmer coloured and when they woke up and saw it they all got in the pool and washed the colourful off and Elmer went back into the sea and went colourful again

31 Jul 2016

I really enjoyed reading this.

26 Jul 2015

Because they are all bright pitches to look at Elmer the elephant always stands out cause the only patch work elephant. I love all of Elmer books.

03 Sep 2014

I love books about Elmer the elephant. Elmer was my class name when I was in Year R. Elmer is always playing tricks on his friends.

15 Aug 2014

Love all Elmer books

24 Jul 2014

I think they should read this book because Elmer is colourful and its funny when all the elephants shook the jungle with their noisy game.

24 Jun 2014

i like reading stories about Elmer

24 Jun 2014

I loved cheeky Elmer.

24 Jun 2014

i love elmer books.

24 Jun 2014

Elmer books are fun

24 Jun 2014

I thought it was very funny!

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