Winnie's Pirate Adventure

Winnie's Pirate Adventure by Valerie Thomas, and Korky Paul

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By Valerie Thomas, and and, Korky Paul

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When Winnie and Wilbur arrive at Cousin Cuthbert’s party dressed as a pirate and a parrot, they discover a whole crew in fancy dress, eager for excitement on the high seas! Winnie is ready with her magic to whisk her shipmates aboard, but will they be back with the treasure before the party’s over?


12 Aug 2020

Beautiful pictures

26 Jun 2020

Winnie and Wilber go to a fancy dress party as pirates and then go on a pirate treasure hunt.

04 Aug 2019

I was sort of of a good book.

20 Aug 2018

I really enjoyed this book because I like reading about pirates and we have read other Winnie books before. I have my own small treasure chest and I draw treasure maps and my little sister has to find where I hide the treasure.

20 Aug 2018

Winnie was my favourite person and when they thought they had been hornswaggled in the treasure hunt.

31 Jul 2018

It was good, but it wasn't very exciting. But I did find it funny on parts.

21 May 2018


13 Jan 2018

Liked the witches costumes and Wilbur's parrot outfit.

09 Sep 2017

Winnie was a pirate. She made the treasure appear by magic!

04 Sep 2017

Good book with fun story

02 Aug 2017

This book was good but not my favourite it's an adventurous book about searching for treasure against mean pirates but very predictable

01 Aug 2017

It's not too long and its a picture book

15 Jul 2017

This book is good because it tells you what pirates are really like.
They are not at all nice they are vicious and scary and they steal things
If you see a pirate I think it would be wise to run away.

06 Sep 2016

Good because she was a pirate and fierce

03 Sep 2016

I like pirates and enjoy Winnie books. I thought Winnie was a very good pirate with her friends

30 Aug 2016

it is a really good book because I love pirates

17 Aug 2016

Loved it

17 Aug 2016

Becaus you can never go wrong with winnie they are

03 Aug 2016

The reading was a little tricky for me but Mum helped me and I loved the pictures.

02 Jun 2016

beautiffuly illustrated, i liked the story of digging the treasury

11 Aug 2015

It is very funny!

11 Aug 2015

I liked Wilbur dressed as a parrot!

01 Aug 2015

Nice book.

26 Jul 2015

It is very good book for me I enjoyed reading it and saying aabrakadaabraaa!!!!!

30 Aug 2014

Read this book because you will like the look of it. It is about pirates and I find pirates interesting.

28 Aug 2014

They have a very exciting adventure being pirates!

12 Aug 2014

I liked when the pirates said "Go Home!"

10 Aug 2014

I liked everything about this story. The best bit is when Winnie waves her wand and says abracadabra and a ship appears.

30 Jul 2014

It's quite good

29 Jul 2014

I liked when Wilbur was thinking what they might dress up as and his parrot costume because his skinny legs were funny!

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