Into the Wild (Warrior Cats, Book 1)

Into the Wild (Warrior Cats, Book 1) by Erin Hunter

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By Erin Hunter

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Take your first steps into the wilderness with Rusty the house cat as he leaves his home to go and live in the wild. A thrillling new feline fantasy series that draws you into a vivid animal world.


18 Oct 2020

It was soooo awesome and i just didn't want to stop reading it and now i'm upsested with it!

07 Sep 2020

I liked when Rusty defeats the shadow clan

06 Sep 2020

I loved it was a story of cats! It is a fiction book about cats who are warriors but it was so much more...
The cats feel emotions, speak to one another and raise kits to become warriors. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves cats and loves a few twist and turns.

19 Aug 2020

This was and amazing book and it’s full of surprises and plot twists.

26 Jul 2020

I thought that it was one of the best books I ever read because it was a mixture of feelings. Fireheart was the best because he was finding all the secrets' would 100 % recommend it. :)

20 Jul 2020

At first I didn't really understand it but I understood it half way through the book.
My favourite character is a cat that used to be called Rusty but is now called Firepaw.
I would recommend it to people who deeply think about the book that they are reading.

15 Jul 2020

It was interring I couldn’t’t stop reading it

06 Jul 2020

this book is really good because it explains about a home cat turning into a wild one by it getting adopted to a clan called thunder clan where he is put under a title "apprentice" and he is trained there to become a warrior for the rest of his cat life.

30 Jun 2020

I felt like i was a warrior cat it was out of this world and blew my mind I’m going to get my whole family to read it

13 Jun 2020

I thought it was a very good read because it has lots of adventure in it like when Firepaw discovers the truth about Tigerclaw. Or when Windclan is driven out of their home by Shadowclan. I would definitely recommend this book to others. My favourite character was Greypaw although Firepaw is also really good.

09 Jun 2020

this is a really good book! its all about a house cat named rusty and how he finds his way into the forest I would rate this to all cat lovers immediently!

07 Jun 2020

very good i really liked Tigerclaw and longtail but fireheart was the best . The book had good descriptive writing and was well writen . My favourite part was the battle between the clans where oak heart was killed

01 Sep 2019


14 Aug 2019

I am giving a rating of 5 to all warrior cats books because they're all great

29 Jul 2019

I could not put this book down!

21 Sep 2018

Warrior cats is a great book, a series of clans full of cats fighting for survival. Rusty (who is now named firepaw) is the main character. Tigerclaw, is one of the other main people in the book (he is a traitor and he is spreading rumours) he also lied about getting vengeance over redtail's death (tigerclaw killed redtail not oakheart)

05 Sep 2018

This is a great book! I think everyone should read it!

28 Aug 2018

All about Rusty, a normal house cat, until he ventures out and discovers a tribe of wildcats. Packed with adventure, this book was a cliff-hanging read!

22 Aug 2018

Rusty the house cat's life is very nearly purrfect, he just needs adventure.Little does he know all that is about to change... On that fateful night Rusty's life is turned upside-down. He is to become an apprentice Firepaw.

This book is a story of adventure, life and one young cat's life as a warrior.

16 Jun 2018

This is my first Warrior Cats Book. Rusty is a kittypet until he meets Greypaw, Lionheart and Bluestar. Bluestar suggests that Rusty comes into ThunderClan and Rusty accepts and has a new name, Firepaw. He makes friends with Spottedleaf, Greypaw and Ravenpaw. During a battle, Ravenpaw says that he saw Tigerclaw kill the deputy, Redtail. Tigerclaw then tries to get rid of Ravenpaw with his friends,Longtail and Darkstripe. Luckily Firepaw hears, and he and Greypaw step in and save Ravenpaw by giving him to Barley to catch rats. Finally, the ShadowClan leader, Brokenstar gets to much to handle and the ThunderClan cats fight him and his warriors and drive him out of ShadowClan. Unfortunately, Brokenstar has driven out WindClan so until the next book there are only 3 clans.

I would recommend this book to people who like drama.

22 Mar 2018

A fun and great book.Very interesting, but repeats a bit too much for me.

30 Aug 2017

I sooooooooo wish I could have this book my cousin gives great reviews

28 Aug 2017

This book is so adventurous

20 Aug 2017

this is a great book for people who like cats and is about a cat called rusty who becomes wild and joins thunder clan and has loads of edventures

09 Aug 2017


02 Aug 2017

This book is amazing , for all the animal lovers who also like a bit of action you MUST read this book. It has a GREAT storyline in it .

24 Jul 2017

An amazing adventure

16 Jul 2017

Mega ace and a little bit scary but mostly ace.

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