Northern Lights

Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

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By Philip Pullman

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Lyra Belacqua and her animal daemon live half-wild and carefree among scholars of Jordan College, Oxford. The destiny that awaits her will take her to the frozen lands of the Arctic, where witch-clans reign and ice-bears fight. Her extraordinary journey will have immeasurable consequences far beyond her own world…


18 Jul 2020

Very very cool and exciting

15 Jun 2020

It was very good because i liked how the people had really strong characters

11 Jan 2020

Enjoyed the book and watch the film

11 Nov 2019

Too complicated

04 Sep 2017

It's very good and magical.

29 Aug 2017

Really excellent book with believable characters and thrilling plot twists. Really recommend it for anyone with a heart for adventure, emotion and mysterious ideas.

20 Aug 2016

A very creative book filled with fantastic fantasy, awesome adventures and brilliant bravery

03 Aug 2016

I love this book it is possibly the best book I've ever read. my favourite Character is serafina Pekkala as she helps Lyra when she needs it most.
It's about a girl who has spent her life at Jordan college and has suddenly found herself knowing who her father is and with an alethiometer or Golden compass. She has to find her friend (kidnapped by the Gobblers) in the freezing North and bring him home but ends up doing way more than she bargained for.

18 Jul 2016

This book is about Lyra, and her daemon, Pantalaimon who live wild in Jordan Collage.Her destiny takes her on a journey to the north, in search of a kidnapped friend. This book is breath taking, and extremely hard to put down. I would recommend it to 11-14 year olds.

15 Aug 2015

First, take a blank book. Put in characters Lyra, Roger, Lord Asriel, Mrs Coulter, Tony Makarios and a bunch of people called The Gyptians. Add in witch-clan queen Serafina Pekkala, aeronaut Lee Scoresby and The Ice Bears in Svalbard. And what have you got? Philip Pullman's Northern Lights! 11-year old Lyra
(and all the characters-the adults' don't change)has a shapeshifting creature called a daemon.


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