Elmer on Stilts

Elmer on Stilts by David McKee

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By David McKee

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The hunters are coming and all the elephants are worried. Elmer, the patchwork elephant, comes up with a plan to outwit the hunters but things don’t turn out quite as planned.

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08 Jun 2020

I gave this is a 5 because it is just magnificent!
When I read this book I wondered if the hunters were going to catch them and I was scared for them but when they survived and had fun with the stilts I was so happy.
I like Elmer the best because he came up with the great idea of stilts to protect his friends and family.
I know this book is for children but I think that grown-ups would love it as well!

01 Jun 2020

Yes. He had things on his feet, it was funny.

14 Aug 2018

Elmer is one of my favourite books & I have read it a lot. I love when Elmers friends join in with him.

19 Aug 2017

I like Elmer's adventures

01 Aug 2017

Lovely gentle stories with beautiful pictures, always with a bit of a moral at the end

03 Aug 2015

I think it is not that interesting comparing to the other Elmer books, any way you should read it!

22 Jul 2015

it is a really funny book and it can be weird sometimes but you can always have a laugh of it . mostly in this book I liked when the elephants fell on the hunters that was just totally Hilarious

25 Jun 2014

A good book.

24 Jun 2014

It's a really good book

23 Jun 2014

I think people should read this book because it was very

23 Jun 2014

It is good because I thought it was a good idea.

20 Jun 2014

I like this book because it has lots of colorful pages and funny story

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