The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne

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By John Boyne

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Nine-year-old Bruno knows nothing of the Final Solution and the Holocaust. He is oblivious to the appalling cruelties being inflicted on the people of Europe by his country. All he knows is that he has been moved from a comfortable home in Berlin to a house in a desolate area where there is nothing to do and no one to play with.

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12 Sep 2020

This book was factual and it was particularly interesting because it was told in the perspective of a nine year old boy named Bruno

17 Aug 2020

this was a great read but also quite sad i would recommend it to people who don't mind a sad ending

15 Aug 2020

I loved this book but I found it really sad how the Germans treated the Jews it was also sad that Bruno and his best friend died but other than that it was a great book

26 Jul 2020

this book was very interesting and actaully really upsetting. i liked gretel and bruno because they were very kind and a bit funny. the bit when shmeuls father dissapears and bruno to because it is then like a mystery. i would definnitly recommend it to other people.

05 Jul 2020

This is a fantastic book and so well written. The book draws you in and tells the story in such a way you feel like you're there. The author repeats phrases so you remember important parts of the story and can picture each scene. I loved the way the child pronounces important parts of history. It is an excellent book and I would highly recommend it. It was fiction based on fact and given the tragic nature of the story, it is brilliantly written from the eyes of an innocent child. It is an eye-opener and really makes you think.

15 Jun 2020

It is fiction based on real events. This shows us what the life of a nine-year-old german boy is like during WW2.

04 Jun 2020

The story of The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas is very difficult to describe without giving away too much information with the story taking lots of twists and turns. But, I can tell you that this story is taken from the viewpoint of Bruno. He and his family are moving to Auschwitz where his father is taking a job as a soldier.
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100% would recommend.

12 Aug 2019

This is an amazing and engaging book that people 10+ would love. It has got some sad bits, but this is fantastic, and you have to read it.

11 Aug 2019

it was amazing

08 Dec 2018

This was a great book . I would recommend it to my friends because it tells about the past .My favorite character is Shumel because he is in a camp were he has not that many friends and he doesn't like to be with the other children.

03 Aug 2018

I like Bruno as a character because it is interesting to see how oblivious he is about what is happening at Auschwitz camp and in Germany over all. I would recommend this but only to people who:
a) don't mind a big build up to the climax that takes practically the whole book
b) can deal with a stab in the stomach at the end.

26 Aug 2017

This book is a very good book and i loved it!

22 Aug 2017

'If you are looking for a sad adventurous but exciting new book to read I would recommend this book!'

21 Aug 2017

Very touching and sad book but still absolutely amazing, would read again as it is a very popular book and also because i love it!!

17 Aug 2017

I liked this book because I like historical fiction. The book is set in the 1940s ( Second World War.)This book is about 9 year old Bruno who wants to be an explorer when he grows up. The story starts when Bruno finds out he is going to be moving house. His family move near a fence that I hope you will never find. Read this book to find out.

16 Aug 2017

I did enjoy reading this book. All of my friends were telling me how sad it was at the end but instead I felt a little confused as it was like the ending had just been skipped. Good book though. I
Like the way things were described in this book.

15 Aug 2017

This is a great book. It was quite educational and a sad story, but I would read it again as it is so good.

15 Aug 2017

I think this is a sad book because of the ending...

14 Aug 2017

It is a wonderful war time story of an innocent boy named Bruno who gets swept up in the tragedies of concentration camps.

28 Jul 2017

Very sad

26 Jul 2017

This is a very touching novel. It is a story of innocence in a world of ignorance. It is based on reality in the past. This book is very emotional and appeals to all.

This book is about the friendship of a German officer's son and a Jewish boy.

04 Jul 2017


This book divided the bookclub into those who read it as a book that should be historically accurate, and those who felt it was more about friendship. It was said in the meeting that it could be read with the head or with the heart.

Some readers thought it would be read differently by people who had prior knowledge of the topics in the novel, like Auschwitz and the Nazi's. We weren't sure if prior knowledge would have a positive or negative effect on how you felt about the book. In fact it might be a prompt to younger people to talk about the war, so might be a good idea for school children studying the war to start with something like this.

We were also uncertain about the naivety of Bruno, we came to the conclusion that it was necessary for the story and could be realistic given that children from earlier generations were naive for longer.

Overall we would recommend this book to other people and we gave it an average of 8 out of 10!

30 Mar 2017

A very serious novel based on WWII, about a young boy called Bruno who has to move house. Deeply sad and moving but also very true about Hitlers racism towards Jews.

16 Feb 2017

I hate sad endings

17 Dec 2016

It's great. It talks about history and how unfairly the Jes were treated. There is a german boy called Bruno and a jewish boy called Shmeul. Bruno met up with shmuel at a fence and no other jewish child should be treated like how he was and should not end up in concentration camps.

06 Sep 2016

A moving book with a very unexpected ending

25 Aug 2016

I didn't realise how strong the message is in this book. German children had no idea who or what the Jews were. I feel sorry for the characters. I almost cried!

22 Aug 2016

Great book really emotional

08 Aug 2016

I don't tend to enjoy books about the war, I barely do, though the tinge of sadness at the end of this one did make it stand out from the rest of the war-related books I've read.

03 Aug 2016

A depressing story about 9 year old Bruno, a German, and his friend, a Jew and the differences between them in the war.

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