Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling

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By J. K. Rowling

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23 Feb 2021

The book is amazing. Harry has gotten better in his Potion lessons with the help of a handy book that once belonged to an half blood prince. Its turns out that the half blood prince is exactly Prof. Snape. However, it was sad to read the part where one of the character falls to their death.

12 Jan 2021

I absolutely adore this book because one page is enough to make so much suspense that once I started reading, it was impossible for me to stop even when my parents told me off for reading Harry Potter for too long! One chapter is enough to silence the naughtiest of classes.
This is my favourite book from the whole series and I am waiting to (hopefully) watch to movie.
If I have time, I will read this book again and again and again and again I recommend that everyone (whatever age you are) has a go at reading this book. I know that it is quite long but if you try your absolute best then you will finish this fantastic story in no time.

06 Jan 2021

Harry Potter is not an ordinary boy, he is a wizard. There are so many different characters in the book. The saddest part was when Professor Dumbledore died because of a poisonous potion. The book is very exciting, Harry’s life is in danger from Voldemort, the death eaters and Malfoy. Everyone is in danger!

29 Dec 2020

This is a very good book following on from the Order of the Phoenix. You need to be interested enough to enjoy it though. My favourite character was Hermione because she is extremely clever in this book (like always) and manages to work out who 'The Prince' is. I would recommend it.

26 Dec 2020

This book shows that people you know can have a different side to them you might not know about until it is out there. It also shows even the greatest people you know have to die in the end

26 Dec 2020

This book shows that people you know can have a different side to them that you might not know about until it is out there. It also shows even the greatest people you know can die for the sake of it.

19 Dec 2020

Harry potter and the half blood prince was epic!

There are loads of mystery and suspension

There is also a twist in the end that will make you sad as one of the person who helped harry battle voldemort dies.

16 Dec 2020


15 Dec 2020

This is the second to last harry potter book and trust me its a very sad one however im still rooting for harry and cheering him on

07 Dec 2020

I like this book because it was the only book in the Harry potter series when he leaves hogwarts and he is properly supervised

03 Dec 2020

I thought it was a great book, full of magic, though it was sad when Dumbledore died.
Harry Potter is my favourite character. He is loyal to his friends and a very good person.
I would definitely recommend it.

30 Nov 2020

Thoroughlly enjoyed this book as Harry and his friends continue to have adventures within Hogwarts and once again battle he who shall not be named and the dark arts.
Highly recommend to other HP fans.

06 Nov 2020

this series is amazing they are about a boy named Harry Potter and his adventures

02 Nov 2020


29 Oct 2020

It was brilliantly written. It had a fw complex words. My favourite character was Croocshanks. I would recommend it to hard chapter book readers who like spine tinglers.

26 Oct 2020


25 Oct 2020


22 Oct 2020

They are great books favourite pair of mine

19 Oct 2020

Love it

01 Oct 2020

I liked the bit where Snape killed Dumbledore even though it made me sad. It was shocking and exciting.
I would recommend to kids 7 or over

27 Sep 2020

This book is good for 8-13 year olds.
The best part was when Harry won Felix Felicis!

24 Sep 2020


20 Sep 2020

I loved dumbledore in this book it was really exciting but too many people are dying in the end books!! I was really sad when dumbeldore died

17 Sep 2020

This is my favourite Harry potter book - it's very dark and exciting and my favourite bit is in the Weasley's shop with the pygmy puffs, it is very funny. I like snape.

15 Sep 2020

I am a Harry Potter Superfan. I read each book in order and when I've finished, I start all over again. I read Harry Potter when I go to bed each night and other books during the day. I don't have a favourite book in the series - I love them all.

13 Sep 2020

J.K. Rowling is a wonder!

12 Sep 2020

My favourite character is Harry. I liked the bit where Slughorn turned from a sofa to a man. I would recommend it.

09 Sep 2020

Draco Malfoy because he is a cool bad character and he is a bit of a opponent to Harry.

08 Sep 2020

I really like how the title makes you wonder what the Half Blood Prince really is a person or not.

08 Sep 2020

This is the sixth book in J K Rowling’s brilliant Harry Potter series. As Harry grows up, he falls in love. He has more trouble at school. Of course. The world is much darker as Death Eaters roam freely. The dramatic ending leaves the reader on the edge of their seats, wondering how the three friends are going to defend themselves.

This is probably my favourite Harry Potter book.

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