By William Boyd, and Rosamund Pike

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The brilliant new novel from William Boyd To be read by Rosamund Pike ABRIDGED


16 Apr 2018


Restless by William Boyd

This is not exactly high literature. It is more the kind of book I might read travelling on a holiday. It is interesting to note that Fake news is as relevant then as it is now. Probably this has been part of war since the Trojan horse era.
At first I found it hard to really care about the characters and even as the pace of the book increased it was so improbable that it was hard to get emotionally involved. However it has a certain gripability (is that a word?)
There is little description of places. Perhaps the author felt that irrelevant. However I enjoyed the Kim Philby twist towards the end, although I don’t think even Kim Philby thought the Russians could take over Europe after the war, whatever the Americans did or did not do. Perhaps they will now !!!!

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