Hagurosan by Darren Shan, and Zack McLaughlin

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By Darren Shan, and and, Zack McLaughlin

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Atmospheric tale from one of the most successful authors writing today. Hagurosan has angered the spirits and must now face the consequences of his actions… Terrific adventure from a master of fantasy. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers of 8+


17 Sep 2019

Too old for me

15 Aug 2018

I really like the book because it is set in Japan and the culture there is amazing because its ancient and real. My fav person in this is hagurosan. I would recommend this to everyone but only if you don't read this at night

07 Jul 2017

It was a good book

09 Aug 2015

it is a great story about consequences and love and is a good book for both girls and boys

08 Aug 2015

it is a story about consequences and love and even though it is a short read it is a good read

08 Aug 2015

This book is a story about consequences and love and even though it is a short story you will still love it

13 Jan 2015

Good book

12 Jan 2015

It is a nice book

27 Dec 2014

This story is about a boy named Hagurosan who was a small village boy who was on trip to the mountain to offer a cake (made by his mother) to the spirits. But in midway he felt very hungry and ate the cake. He requested the spirits to forgive him and gave a real silver coin which he found before leaving and also asked them to help all poor and helpless people and this is how he got stuck in that temple. The spirits granted his wish, but he had to keep picking up coins from the entrance of the gate to collect enough money for his wish to be fulfilled until the day the coins stopped appearing.
Others should read this story so that they can understand that only asking for wishes is not enough. To make them fulfilled we should do the hard work and later we would definitely get our reward like Hagurosan got, after he became old collecting the coins and died later the spirits gave him back his childhood which he had lost by turning him into a child again and he could then live in a better world made by himself.
This concludes that “The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.”

13 Dec 2014

The believe that gods and angles still exists and are protect the world combined by the idea of childhood being the best time in a man's life , make the book fascinating for the minotaur . the minotaur might find it interesting to know that we should not mourn or grief for what we loose , because it is returned to us , when our soul is set free .

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