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Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell

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By Katherine Rundell

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Charles, a fellow survivor and an eccentric scholar, finds Sophie and brings her home to his London bachelor flat. Raised in a quirky home filled with music, words and love (though questionable diet), Sophie grows into a free-spirited tomboy with a taste for Shakespeare and the unshakeable belief that anything is possible.

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19 Oct 2022

Loved this book! It had me looking up at all the rooftops in towns! I especially loved the tree climbers and the descriptions of his roof home. Though t provoking.

03 Oct 2022

I really enjoyed the use of imagery and description as it allows you to feel as if you are there whilst it is all happening; I wish there was more or even a second book to read and carry on the story. Sophie was very likeable, it was interesting to see how fearless, resilient and brave she became throughout the story after having had such tragic start in her life. The relationship between Sophie and Matteo shows a contrast between their lives but also the similarities.

02 Oct 2022

This was beautifully written and a highly imaginative, unusual story. It was interested to have a elderly male character willing to adopt a young girl and their relationship was thoughtfully portrayed.

28 Sep 2022

I loved this book. The Year 6 class loved this book. They always wanted to read on, both boys and girls alike! We were all hooked from the start. The characters were vivid and the scene setting of the Parisian rooftops was tantalisingly real, dangerous and magical.
This book is one to reread time and time again.

05 Sep 2022

I thought it was interesting and creative, the ending was a cliffhanger and a bit confusing because Sophie and her mother finally met on a rooftop after years and Charles just watched from the opposite rooftop. I like Sophie and Charles the best because Sophie is a adventurous, unique girl and Charles because he found Sophie and raised her when he had no experience. I would recommend it to someone else because Its a great book and when you read it, it feels like your really there.

05 Sep 2022

This is a magical and adventurous book! I kept wanting to turn the pages in order to learn the little orphan’s story. I loved the quirkiness of this book. A great example of true determination.

19 Aug 2022

A lovely adventure with a courageous young girl as the main character. Rooftoppers captures the imagination and takes you on an emotional journey. A very enjoyable read.

17 Aug 2022

crazily good. made me cry. would reccomend and my fave character was matteo

14 Aug 2022

I liked the complicated plot and the drama

12 Aug 2022

I enjoyed this book because Sophie was determined to not let the authorities separate her from Charles. I really enjoyed reading about their escape to Paris where she meets Matteo, who is a rooftopper, whilst she is on a quest to find her mother despite being told that no women survived the sinking of the ship. It is an amazing story of hope and determination. I would definitely recommend this book.

12 Aug 2022

This book is fantastic fiction! A thrilling adventure story, one of those hard-to-put-down books!
An amazing Roller coaster of a story all about a girl named Sophie who sets out to find her mother!

08 Aug 2022

I enjoyed the relationships the author was able to develop. It connected with me as I have often walked through cities and looked up at the buildings and wondered what could be going on up there. It was a great way of creating distance between the world of the Rooftoppers and “real life”. It empowered the characters whilst acknowledging the dangers of the city and of life. Emotional ending.

02 Aug 2022

I really enjoyed this book because it was set in a very good landscape. My favourite part was when Sophie broke in to the police station.

01 Aug 2022


30 Jul 2022

This is an exciting book about a cello girl who is rescued but whose mother is feared drowned following a shipwreck in the English Channel. Charles is a kind bookish scholar that takes Sophie in and allows her to grow and develop. Miss Eliot is rigid and believes Sophie should be brought up in a traditional Victorian ladylike way. When they receive a letter threatening to put Sophie in an orphanage, they travel to Paris to search for Sophie’s mother as Charles believes you should never ignore a possible. Sophie meets Matteo and other orphaned rooftoppers. It’s an exciting story that is impossible to put down.

28 Jul 2022

I enjoyed this book because it was such an Adventure and really settled me in the mood. I recommend this book to people with a wild imagination. This book is probably one of the best books I have read. After this book I have been reading more of Katherine Rundell’s books because how such a good writer she is.

18 Jul 2022

This book was fiction. It is about Sophie a girl and matteo a boy. They explore the rooftops and it is a VERY good book. I would definitely recommend it, it is AMAZING!

12 Jul 2022

The way the author described the perspective of the characters is unbelievable. Katherine writes in such a way as you can really see the perspective of the main characters, Sophie and Mateo, and their truly mysterious yet adventurous backgrounds. Once a word is said the world knows!

02 Dec 2021

this book was so heart-warming! I couldn't put it down

22 Sep 2021

It was amaing! I loved every bit of it

16 Sep 2021

OMG I loved this book I have read it so many times!

14 Sep 2021

I loved the opening lines and thoroughly enjoyed the main character and the slightly bizarre parenting of her guardian.
The adventure she goes on is interesting but I struggled to warm to the lead male character which impacted my enjoyment of the whole book.
Recommend for 8+ years.

11 Sep 2021

Unique and enjoyable read. Some lovely description and found it had a nice flow. Good for exploring concepts of authority and making predictions. I loved the character of Charles as he was so different to the other adults and was very endearing.

10 Sep 2021

This is a fiction book, I liked it because the main characters (Sophie and her guardian) encourage Sophie to learn and be adventurous in a time when girls weren’t supposed to be. They are interesting and you want them to stay together as a family. There is some hard vocabulary and some french words in the story so I would recommend it to 9 years and up.

05 Sep 2021

Took a while for me to get in to the story but a lovely adventure and narrative story set in London and France. Nice quips and fascinating characters with a super ending 👍

04 Sep 2021

It was good.

01 Sep 2021

A great adventure story with a plucky young female protagonist. Great descroption of a Paris and excellent idea of a world happening above us without us knowing. Rundell yet again, creates such strong image of the setting and you connect with the charcater, Sophie. A young girl lost and hurt, chasing her dream to meet her mother. Full of emotion and description, a great read to escape to but also a great example of writing descriptio to help young writers.

28 Aug 2021

I enjoyed reading this book and being transported to a new world existing in the rooftops.

26 Aug 2021

This was a fascinating look at how children in Paris lived, my favorite character was Matteo.

25 Aug 2021

Thoroughly recommend this great story. The main character, Sophie, goes looking for her mother in Paris and meets an extraordinary group of children-Rooftoppers. Hard to pick a favourite character as there were several wonderful characters who each brought something unique and special to the story. A great book to use for a UKS2 book club!

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