Zoe's Rescue Zoo: Puzzled Penguin

Zoe's Rescue Zoo: Puzzled Penguin by Amelia Cobb, and Sophy Williams

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By Amelia Cobb, and and, Sophy Williams

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When Great-Uncle Horace brings back lost and homeless animals from his travels around the globe, it falls to Zoe and her mum, the zoo’s vet, to settle them into their new home. This suits Zoe perfectly, because she can talk to animals! But that’s a secret! A cute, tiny penguin arrives at the zoo – but he just doesn’t seem to know he’s a penguin!


07 Aug 2020

I like Zoe she live in a zoo and helps the animal
it wouds be nice to be like her

06 Jul 2020

It was a cute book and I really liked it. It was most seurtainly a fiction. I really liked it because it was tell a very nice storyline and I would recommend it to people who like fiction and animals .

13 Aug 2018

If you love animals this series is great!
You may have to get them from other
Library’s but I love this cute series!Zoe can talk to animals!I wonder what adventure she'll have with you!?

23 May 2018

Before I even opened the book I thought the book is going to be fiction.It was so good and about a girl who could talk to animals.I felt very sad at some moments because of the little, homelss penguin.I would recommend this book to children 7+ because there were some worsd I didn't understand.

10 Aug 2017

A lovely story about a cute penquin

08 Aug 2017

Pip the baby penguin is abandoned from his parents until Zoe's Great-uncle Horace saves him...

03 Aug 2017

Really cute book this book I would recommend for children aged 5-7 I recommend again for animal lovers between those ages

02 Aug 2017

The book was very fun and my favourite bit is when great uncle Horace brings Pip to the zoo!

02 Aug 2017

I think it's a great book

31 Jul 2017

You should read this because its about a cute cuddly but confused penguin, who thinks he's a flamingo and all sorts of other animals BUT a penguin.

boys and girls age 7+ will enjoy

12 Jul 2017

i think you should read this book because pip the penguin is cute.

19 Jun 2017

It is really sweet.

18 Aug 2016

This book is about a zoo that rescues animals and a little girl called Zoe who looks after them. The baby penguin is the cutest penguin and it is a happy story.

13 Aug 2016

I can't wait to read another book of Amelia Cobb-Zoe's Rescue Zoo.I really think children should read this.

21 Jul 2016

I recommend this book to the children because it has happy and sad parts in the chapters and the reader will feel very emotional. The best part of the story is when Zoe helps the poor little penguin to find his home. The penguin's name is Pip and is very cute because he is a baby penguin.

30 Jul 2015


27 Jul 2015

It is really detailed it feels like you are Zoe!

29 Jul 2014

I liked this book as it was about animals, I didn't like Mr. Pinch as he seemed a very grumpy man, I would really like to be Zoe and be able to see all the animals very day and be able to feed them.

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