Cherry Green Story Queen

Cherry Green Story Queen by Annie Dalton, and Charlie Alder

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By Annie Dalton, and and, Charlie Alder

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A clever modern day version of the Arabian Nights stories. When the mysterious Cherry turns up at the foster home, all the children are enchanted by her magic book of stories. Will they get a happy ending too? Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers of 8+


15 Aug 2019

I liked how they went into a story. I think it would be cool if I could do that. I like how Kyle was mean but then by the end he had turned really kind. It is nice how he changed into someone good. Cherry Green saved the day!

23 Jul 2019

I like this book because it helps you understand if you are unhappy then you can always find help no matter who you are.

31 Aug 2017

this book was good but I did not get what was happening most oft the time

08 Aug 2017

Cherry visits the Summer Camp and she has a special book. She said she would open the book at night, and the boys thought it was just silly. Cherry explained this book had gone through her family for many decades. This book was full of magical story tales. The other children made special bracelets to give to everyone. Much fun was had by all!

27 Jul 2017

Very interesting, try it...

21 Aug 2015

Very fun book

26 Jul 2015

This is so magical there is a girl called Mia who is new to the house and the story has 7 chapters. There is a magical book the pages are blank but when Cherry reads the book the people are half in the book half out of the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome !

25 Jul 2015

It was very exciting when Cherry read the books and it all came alive, there was also children.Kyle was the mean one, he boasted and he took things that didn't belong to him,he was also jealous of Cherry Green. I can't wait to read all the other Annie Dalton's books, she describes things in her book really well.

24 Aug 2014

It's an okay book if you believe or love magical things/magic but overall I wouldn't read again

24 Aug 2014

If you like magical things go ahead and read this book
But myself I wouldn't recommend it to anyone other than that.

10 Aug 2014

you should read this book because sometimes you really need to let your imagination run completely wild even thogh it might be a time when your feeling blue. Enjoy! xx

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