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The Dot

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, and Peter H. Reynolds

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By Peter H. Reynolds, and and, Peter H. Reynolds

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One little dot marks the beginning of Vashti’s journey of surprise and self-discovery in Peter H. Reynolds’ multiple award-winning modern classic.


15 Sep 2022

I like this book

02 Sep 2022

I'm not sure about this book, i do like it a bit though so yeah.

24 Aug 2022

I think other people should read it. I liked it very much. People in different countries should read it.

12 Aug 2022

It wasn't as long as I thought it would be. It was very motivational to allow anyone to achieve what they want to achieve.

09 Aug 2022

I liked it because Vashti was a great artist and in fact she made a sculpture.

28 Jul 2022

It has made me want to do some drawing.
She says to sign it and I write my name at the bottom of all of my pictures.

31 Aug 2021

I liked Vashti because she kept trying and trying to draw.

I would recommend this book.

26 Aug 2021

This book can be used in many ways, not just to inspire reluctant artists, but for PSHE about taking the first step, having a go and then using your talent to help others. Perfect for the beginning of term and starting the right mindset!

15 Aug 2021

Really nice sentiment

14 Aug 2021

I liked the ending when the little girl helped the boy by copying the teacher

26 Jul 2021

It is lovely.x

24 Jul 2021

This got a top score because the girl doesn't know how to draw at the beginning but her teacher tells her to do a little mark and see where it takes her. This tells me to never give up because if you do, you'll never learn.

21 Jul 2021

This is a very good book because it reminds us that we can all do art!

19 Jul 2021

This book really shows how progress develops your skills and i really enjoyed it!

13 Jul 2021

I think this is a book which is giving the reader a message. It’s saying everyone can draw if they try. I liked Vashti the best. I would definitely recommend it to someone else.

09 Jul 2021

Really good book.

03 Sep 2020

This book has really help me be proud of my pictures. They don't all have to be perfect and I love to make better pictures each time. I have lots of them signed and displayed in the kitchen.

02 Sep 2020

I liked this book although it wasn’t really the type of book I liked, it is very short but it shows you that you can be creative even if you only draw a dot

26 Aug 2020

I love painting and drawing too

26 Aug 2020

A book that gives advice:Do not lose hope

21 Aug 2020

I enjoyed the book it was about a girl who thinks he can’t draw. She makes a mark and sees where it takes her. I would recommend this book.

19 Aug 2020

I enjoyed this book, I like it when Vashti was being nice to the boy at the end. I liked it when the boy said nice things about Vashti’s drawings. I think my friends would enjoy this book. This book has taught me to never give up and to keep trying.

18 Aug 2020

I like the story and the pictures

18 Aug 2020

I liked it because the little girl showed the little boy how to do something if you keep trying.

13 Aug 2020

I think it was good because it encourages people to try things they think they’re not good at.

02 Aug 2020

I liked that Vashi just went jab and made a dot.

14 Jul 2020

I though it was wonderful because that a not that good drawer comes to a fabulous painter. I liked the teacher because she put the dot on the wall.

26 Jun 2020

I liked it quite a lot and I would recommend it.

11 Jun 2020

It was very interesting how Vashti learnt to draw

22 Jul 2019

She’s liked everything about it. All the different kind of dots

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