How to Train Your Dragon: Book 1

How to Train Your Dragon: Book 1 by Cressida Cowell

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By Cressida Cowell

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The hilarious exploits of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third – the smallish Viking with a longish name. Can he become the Hero everyone expects him to be? Read the bestselling series that inspired the hit DreamWorks film How to Train Your Dragon.


08 Sep 2020

I love this book because I like all the dragons. I like Hiccup and Toothless because they aren’t like usual Vikings and dragons. Hiccup had to train him a different way not yelling at him. I think year 3 and older would like this boook.

05 Sep 2020

Really interesting and one of my favourite books ever

02 Sep 2020

I love this book
Hiccup is my favourite character
I have already recommended it to my best friend

02 Sep 2020

I enjoyed reading How to train your dragon, this is the first Cressida Cowell book I have read and I loved it. Hiccup was the chiefs son so this meant that he would be the leader of the tribe, but he wasn't like Snoutlout, all big and strong. He was just a small boy also know as Hiccup the useless. But this changed when he needed to safe the whole tribe of Vikings. My favourite character was Hiccup because he tried his his best and doing that made him the hero of his tribe. I would recommend this book to someone who loves dragons.

01 Sep 2020

I would recommend this book to someone who likes adventure and dragons

31 Aug 2020

It was entertaining

30 Aug 2020

The book was good although I did not like the story.

26 Aug 2020

I like Hiccup (main character) because he's unique and brave because he's different from all the other tribe.
I would definitely recommend this story to those who enjoy adventurous stories.

26 Aug 2020

It was exciting reading about the dragons but sometimes it was a little bit boring when they just had really long conversations which weren't that exciting.
I would consider reading another book in this series if it was more exciting!

25 Aug 2020

My favourite character has got to be Toothless because he is unique and different to the other dragons and helps Hiccup throughout the way . This has got to be one of my favourite books

25 Aug 2020

it was over too quickly

24 Aug 2020

It was a hard book to read. I thought it was a good book!!

It was all about Dragons I thought it was good.

I liked Hiccup the main Character' He was small!

I would recommend this book to someone if they like Dragons.

23 Aug 2020

It was a really good book

19 Aug 2020

It was ok.

19 Aug 2020

it was good

18 Aug 2020

The adventure

18 Aug 2020

I have read this book before and still love it.

17 Aug 2020

Very good book

17 Aug 2020

It was a good book, I read very quickly and found it amusing.

17 Aug 2020

I liked this book because it was lol when the dragon blew up

15 Aug 2020

I really enjoyed this book because I love dragons and I think toothless is great!

14 Aug 2020

Another great adventure. Hiccup is such a brave young viking. It just shows that it's not about how big your muscles are, or how much quicker you can be to be a hero. A hero can come in many different forms.

14 Aug 2020

Really enjoyed reading this book time and time again. I love how Hiccup is the underdog, puts across a great message to the children. Even if you receive negative comments, never give up. I also like how the Viking’s are not all necessarily stereotypical “violent” characters.

14 Aug 2020

It is fiction and I like Toothless

12 Aug 2020

This is such a good book. I have seen all of the films and it was cool to read the books that inspired them. My favourite character is Hiccup. Hiccup has to go Dragon hunting but the Dragon he finds in isn't nearly as cool as his Night Fury Toothless in the films, but this book has a certain charm about it, that made me finish it in a few hours, like most of my other books that are around 200-250 pages. It leaves me impatiently waiting to read the next book in this series. Stay safe at home during Covid and peace out everyone!

11 Aug 2020

I liked this book because I enjoyed reading about the lessons and dragons as well as the adventure mixed in.

11 Aug 2020

This book is really fun and is full of suspense and disaster. Its the first book in a series of 12. The main character is called Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. Hiccup is a very unexpected main character because he is really skinny and easy to overlook in a crowd of Vikings. He has a dragon the size of a pine marten which is tiny for a hunting Dragon. I recommend this to kids who like disaster stories and who are accident prone themselves.

11 Aug 2020

It was fiction and about Hiccup's memoirs when he was a kid
I loved it as it was based on the series/films

11 Aug 2020

How to train your dragon is a great book for people who like dragons. I recommend it to people who read lots of fairy tales and are interested in languages. My favorite character is Toothless.

09 Aug 2020

Amazing Dragons!

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