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Coram Boy

Coram Boy by Jamila Gavin

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By Jamila Gavin

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Doomed babies entrusted to the care of a villain…children sold as slaves, an aristocrat’s son disinherited when he refuses to give up a career in music – all these stories come together in this amazing story of adventure. Ages 10+.


15 Aug 2022


A lovely story with some great characters and a very interesting theme based on the real Coram hospital.

11 Aug 2022

Android mystery and not knowing what's gonna happen next and it was a really big Chris when you figure it out that Aaron was was was in Ashbrook

29 Jul 2022

such a heart wrenching yet true ( at the time it was set,) story so sad but beautifully written and told in a lush burst of vocabulary and writing .I loved the book at times at other times the details deciepeted the horror of the story and it took some sheer will power to carry on reading those sorry bits but it was so well written I carried from then I was so engaged I couldn't stop even if it was one of the goriest most delicately intricately woven together book I have ever read very well done I would recommend for 13+. great dob and a huge welll done

05 Jul 2022

This is a gripping but disturbing book. The rendering of characters, especially Meshak, is deep and stays with the reader. It was Dickensian in places, and the coincidences in the plot have to be taken as part of that feel. Would recommend to adults and children of 14 and above.

13 Oct 2021

It plodded along at first for me. It felt like a wide spectrum of different plot events and characters that I knew would converge at some point, but I did not feel like came into flavour until we had Alexander and Thomas stay at Ashbrook and the plot events started to unfold. From here the story gained momentum, and its style was similar to that of Joan Aiken to me.
I see what Pullman's review of it meant when he described it as 'a rich and almost Gothic drama', and it is a shame not more people know about its historical background. I told my own mother, who was appalled at the notion.
I am a lover of Gothic and historical fiction so this worked very well and its successful development in plot throughout made amends for its less favourable exposition.

04 Sep 2020


A fresh take on Britain's involvement in the slave trade is the backdrop to this exciting story of greed, shame, secrets, family and friendship.

29 Aug 2020

I read this book with my dad and loved it!! I think Jamila Gavin is a great author because she is great at describing the 18th century in Glousctershire and coming up with such an amazing storyline. I gasped at all the unexpected twists and cried at all the sad bits. This book has it all and is my mystery read book of 2020. I recommend to anyone over the age of 9. Great book

29 Jun 2020

It has a very gothic feel to it but I found it quite lengthy if not a little tedious. I don't like it that much however it is full of interesting plot points and unnesasary aspects.

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