The Undiscovered Country

The Undiscovered Country by Carl Watkins

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By Carl Watkins

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We know what happens to the body when we die, but what happens to our souls? In this book, the author goes in search of the ancient customs, local characters and compelling tales that illuminate how people over the years have come to terms with our ultimate fate.


27 Jan 2019


A surprisingly entertertaining, interesting and informative book about beliefs about death, or rather what happens to us after death, between 1400's and 1900's in Britain. As we're taken through the ages and changes in beliefs the author weaves the information into stories about real people and places with such a chatty, witty stlye it's easy to read even though it's quite an academic piece of research by a Cambridge historian. Recommended for anyone who's ever wondered about an afterlife or lack of one.

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