Helen Fielding's ""Bridget Jones's Diary""


By Imelda Whelehan

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11 Jan 2018

Hi everyone!

That was my first book in the "Reading Ahead" Challenge.
I have borrowed it from the library of my school.
I had already known the story earlier because I saw the film many times.
I love the film, because the actors are brilliant and the story is really humorous.

The book which I have borrowed is (probably) the short version of the original book. It is on the level 5 (intermediate).
My goal with this challenge to improve my English language skills as reading, writing and speaking.

The book was a good choosen, because I understood (almost) every words and this "little" success encouraged me and made me happy. The dialogues were very lifelike, with lots of commonly used expressions. In fact, I have read that book through, less than four hours.

I really recommend it for everyone who wants to study and have fun at the same time.

I am looking forward to reading the next book in this great challenge.

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