Starman Jones: Robert A. Heinlein


By Robert A. Heinlein

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The stars were closed to Max Jones. To get into space you either needed connections, a membership in the arcane Guild, or a whole lot more money than Max, the son of a widowed, poor mother, was every going to have. What Max does have going for him are his uncle’s prized astrogation manuals – books on star navigation that Max literally commits to memory word for word, equation for equation. When Max’s mother decides to remarry a bullying oaf, Max takes to the road, only to discover that his uncle Chet’s manuals, and Max’s near complete memorization of them, is a ticket to the stars!


17 Feb 2017

A lovely book by Heinlein - this is a good starting point for his other Novels, love this author and recommend all his books.

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