Sky Hawk

Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis

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By Gill Lewis

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Something lives deep within the forest … something that has not been seen on Callum’s farm for over a hundred years. Callum and Iona make a promise to keep their amazing discovery secret, but can they keep it safe from harm? The pact they make will change lives forever.


11 Nov 2020

Gill lewis is 1 talented writer! I loved this book very much and if you love animals you will love this too. Full of emotions

08 Sep 2020

its really good i would recommend it

06 Sep 2020

I thought this book was very good and it really interested me at first. About half way through the book, it was mostly about tracking Iris's journey to Africa, which started to bore me a bit. It got more interesting after that. I liked Iona best because she is a really interesting character and even though she seems strange, she is really kind. I would recommend this book to someone who likes books about animals, but doesn't mind occasional sad parts.

31 Aug 2020

Read it with my mum

15 Aug 2020

I loved it. It was full of human interest and vivid descriptions. I liked the way the narration slipped to the hawk from time to time. The characters were vibrant and the plot was fast-moving. You just wanted to find out what happened next! Of course Iona was my favourite. She was wild and secret, with a big heart.

14 Aug 2020

This was a book that took you on an emotional journey right to the end. Likeable characters and an enjoyable story kept me turning pages right to the end.
Really enjoyed learning about the journey that ospreys take each year and linked this into my teaching where we followed the progress of some real ospreys in Wales. Deals with some difficult issues in a very sensitive way.

15 Jun 2020

This was my first book by Gill lewis.I loved it so much I read all the other books by her.

15 Sep 2019

i really liked it because its funny

10 Aug 2019

I really enjoyed this book since it is very meaningful and each chapter leaves the reader wanting to read more.

10 Aug 2019

I enjoyed reading this book because it's a very adventurous story and it's also very meaningful. Each chapter ends with the reader wanting to was more so I would definitely recommend this book to anyone

06 Aug 2018

It was quite an emotional book but I enjoyed it very much. My favourite character was Iona because she was sparky and stood up for what she believed in. I recommend this book for ages 11 and above

04 Sep 2017

It is a very good book

03 Sep 2017

Brilliant but sad

29 Aug 2017

I have this book and it is excellent and it is awesome and you should read it everyday and it is sad when you are in chapter 18 and 17 because there is a girl called Iona and wasn't felling well so she died so make sure you read it and find out the end and Callum and Euan and Rob are best friend do anything to help Iris because Iona asked Callum to look after him and ...... make sure you read and have fun

20 Aug 2017

I don't thin people should read the book it gets boring after the girl dies.

19 Aug 2017

It wasn't great it was ok but when the girl died it got boring.

18 Aug 2017

I think you should not read the book because it gets boring half way through.

18 Aug 2017

I love this book it is great for animal lovers.

13 Aug 2017

It is such a heart touching story, but all of Gill Lewis's books are.

11 Aug 2017

its a really good book and its really cool like when you are really excited that's how you feel about this book so go ahead and enjoy

10 Aug 2017

Fab a 10+ for defos not under 8 coz a little scary I don't like rob but Iona is nice

01 Aug 2017

This is a heart warming book about friendship and friends that help you through tough times.
Hope you guys read and enjoy this fabulous book!

31 Jul 2017

I think the book was fantastic because it had both sadness and happiness and that it ended on a subtle cliff hanger which gave a lot of suspense.

23 Jul 2017

It's amazing - I read it in one day, I just couldn't put it down! Very catching and heartwarming - also very sad, so I recommend this book to people 9+ and for people who like nature.

16 Jul 2017

A good book but emotional.

14 Jul 2017

Heartbreaking at times,
Heart lifting at others
A very tense book for 10+

14 Jul 2017

This book is very sad at times but quickly gets happy again I would recommend this for ages 10+

12 Aug 2016

It is really good but it is a little sad in the beginning. It is about rescuing osprey. You should read this book!

26 Jul 2016


25 Jul 2016

Breathtaking, enjoyable cliffhangers to read.

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