The Secrets of Stonehenge

The Secrets of Stonehenge by Mick Manning, and Brita Granstrom

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By Mick Manning, and and, Brita Granstrom

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Stonehenge is the most important prehistoric monument in Britain, a World Heritage Site with a fascinating history, perfect for treatment in a picture information book.


31 Aug 2020

Bluestones came from the Welsh mountains.
Almost everyone was involved in South England.
The book is thin but it has lots of information.

29 Jul 2019

I really liked it. It is a fiction book and I would recomend it to people who are interested in the Stone Age.

24 Aug 2017

Because it's tells us things we didn't know about Stonehenge

07 Aug 2017

Good information about Stonehenge and how it was built

29 Jul 2017

Very interesting and tells you lots of real facts about Stonehenge

26 Jul 2017

I loved this book as it tells you lots about stone henge

27 Jul 2015

Stonehenge is the important part of British history. The story is very in-lighting. It`s nice to read the book before the actual trip to Stonehenge.

24 Jul 2014

Its full with facts!

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