Chocolate Box Girls: Marshmallow Skye

Chocolate Box Girls: Marshmallow Skye by Cathy Cassidy

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By Cathy Cassidy

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Skye and Summer Tanberry are identical twins, and Skye loves her sister Summer more than anyone else in the world. They do everything together, but lately Skye’s been feeling like second-best – it’s the story of her life. And when her friend Alfie confesses he’s fallen not for her, but for Summer, it hurts.

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05 Aug 2020

I enjoyed this book. It was interesting to learn more about Skye. She had lots of strange dreams.

14 Jul 2020

Quite spooky but all is revealed in the end

14 Jul 2020

So cool

01 Jul 2020

In this book Skye tanberry fears that her sister is moving away and that she sister cares more about her new boyfriend than she does her own twin then Skye gets ill and she realises that she means so much more to her sister than any boy. My favourite character is cherry. I would recommend this book to all Cathy Cassidy fans.

01 Jul 2020

This Book was Fiction i really liked it. It was about a girl called Skye who wants to discover the truth about cara. She likes to wear vintage and is always dreaming about a boy called finch and her friend Alfie has a crush on her sister Summer and her birthday is on Valentine’s Day and she has a twin sister called Summer and at the end of the book she meets a boy called Jamie Finch.

26 Jun 2020

I like this book because it is a great story and is about the life of Skye, a girl who is always in the shadow of her identical twin sister. She learns to stand up for herself and that she can't always do everything that her sister does. My favourite character is Skye because she gains confidence through the book.

14 Jun 2020

i liked how Cathy remembered what she had wrote before and linked things to it.
it felt so real i love the way she made even the dream seem so real

14 Jun 2020

My favorite person is Skye and I would recommend the book to people who want to find out what having a twin is like.

10 Jun 2020

This book brings you mystery. It is one of my favourite books. It is very interesting when Skye works out all of the clues!

27 Jan 2020

The book I read was a fiction book, my favorite character was called Coco because she is very confident. I would recommend this book to everyone. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸŽˆπŸ•πŸŸπŸ₯–β€πŸ’œβ€

19 Oct 2019

It was creepy that Skye had dreams of Clara's past. My favourite is Mrs.Lee.

25 Jul 2019

I loved it when Skye found the trunk of old, vintage clothes and then she started to have the mysterious dreams about Clara. I gave this book 5 stars and I would definitely recommend it.

24 Jul 2019

This is quite a good book about a young girl named Skye who loves everything old-fashioned and vintage. My favourite character is Finch, h is a boy who is Skye's love, but only in her dreams, when at the end of the book, he meets Skye in real life and they fall in love. I would recommend this book to 9-10 year olds who love history, this would be perfect for you! Enjoy reading Marshmallow Skye!

02 Sep 2018

I thought this book was awesome beacause it was all in Skye s life and all her problems and troubles .

13 Aug 2018

Another of Cathy's great books. Skye's love of vintage clothes is interesting. All the questions I asked myself were answered and that is amazing.

06 Aug 2018

That was such a great book! It had tears, it had drama and most importantly love! i recommend it ton girls aged 10- 13!

26 Jul 2018

This book is really good as it talks about how a girl is delved into the past history of their house. She finds it ever so intriguing to explore the ghosts that roam around their house. I like how Skye never gives up and is determined to solve the past behind this mystery. I'd recommend it because it shows how you should never give up and how hard work really does pay off.

30 Jun 2018

i have read it lots and it get your attention.

18 Mar 2018

I absolutely loved this book and recommend it to people who are interested in mysterious stories of the past. There is comedy,adventure , sadness, anger but in the end a happy ever after.

16 Mar 2018

I have really enjoyed this book. It is based on a girl called Skye and how she is constantly having dreams about a girl who once lived in her house centuries ago. Skye does not believe the girl's entire story and believes it is different from what she hears and so tries to piece together clues and find out. This book is also about how she is jealous that she is always second best and in the shadow of her identical twin Summer.

04 Sep 2017

Amazing! (But a book for older children - about 11+. this whose series is that sort of age range)

04 Sep 2017

It's very boring

29 Aug 2017

So much better than the other chocolate box girls stories, a peak into the mystery genre and a step into the romance but a mouthful of fun and excitement.

28 Aug 2017

This book was my favourite in the series! I loved it!

26 Aug 2017

I love this book! I love this author! It's all about a young girl called sky , who gets freaked out by a stupid ghost story, and trys to stop her life falling apart ...
Recommend :.9+
Recommend :girls

22 Aug 2017

there is so much drama in this book

21 Aug 2017

pretty good book. hashtag decent

16 Aug 2017

This book is in skyes perspective and Skye and Summer, Who are twins, are drifting apart and their are nothing they can do about it.

09 Aug 2017

a very good story about a girl who falls in love with an imaginary ghost boy

07 Aug 2017

Its an an amazing book and one of the best in the chocolate box girls series.

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