The Lion and the Unicorn

The Lion and the Unicorn by Shirley Hughes

By Shirley Hughes

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As Lenny’s father goes off to fight in the World War II, he gives his son a brass badge with a lion and a unicorn on it. Lenny keeps it with him when he has to be evacuated to a big house in the country. He misses his parents, and the other children there and at school are spiteful in teasing him. But, he finds a secret walled garden to escape.


24 Aug 2019

The book the lion and the unicorn is a lovely, special book about World War Two. My favourite character is Lenny.It was really interesting to read about evacuees.I would recommend it !

01 Sep 2018

Lenny and the Unicorn.

I would recommend this book.

27 Jul 2018

A short but brilliant story based on a child's life when they were evacuated during WW2. It is a fiction book.

23 Aug 2017

I love it but it's to long.

10 Aug 2017

There is no more war now and no more rationed food. That's what this book is about. The boy was an evacuee. At the end he went with his mum to stay with his aunt.

24 Aug 2016

This book helps people if they get teased at school and it tells a moral. If someone is mean to you, just ignore them.

23 Jul 2014

I think others should read this book because this book is got to do with the second world war and may help you to understand more about the second world war.

24 Jun 2014

this book is an good adventure book

19 Jun 2014

Because the illustrations are beautiful and the story line is very emotional

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