My Granny is a Pirate

My Granny is a Pirate by Val McDermid

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By Val McDermid

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Hugely successful, internationally bestselling and multi-award-winning author Val McDermid writes her first picture book for children.


11 Aug 2020

I like this book because my Nanna DeDe changed some
Of the words so the book is about her!! It makes me think of her when we read it.

04 Aug 2020

It's very funny especially when franny fights the scary bones

23 Jul 2020

I like this book because it is very very very very silly.

29 Jun 2020

This book is fun to read.

06 Jan 2020

I really liked this book it has lots of rhyming was my favourite book when I was little.
I like reading it to my brother and is about a granny who is a pirate and she throws her bag at a skeleton in an old castle were she keeps her granny clothes.

17 Nov 2019

This book interesting because the blurb doesn't give away the book.

14 Nov 2019

Very funny

06 Aug 2019

I liked that it rhymed, and was funny.

05 Aug 2019

I liked the character of Granny when she was a pirate but i didn't like the skeletons and ghosts. It was a good book other than that

27 Jul 2019

The end of the book was an amazing surprise!

21 Aug 2018

This was super fun to read. I think my nana might be a pirate too in secret

05 Sep 2017

SO much fun, I wish my nanna was a pirate

11 Aug 2017

Shows that we shouldn't under estimate our grandparents

07 Aug 2017

This book is really really funny and looks like my nanny xx

04 Aug 2017

I like that the nanny is a pirate with a dog.

22 Jul 2017

A very good book

15 Jul 2017

Not to funny but if I was you I would read it but just go ahead do what you want

21 Aug 2016

I like pirate.

17 Aug 2016

I liked the way this book rhymed and l liked the ending. I also liked the pictures. The granny fed the dog pirate grog and dogs don't drink pirate grog as it is bad for them.

07 Jul 2016

If you have a granny then it's the best book to read with her and it makes he smile a very funny book that makes me laugh

05 Jul 2016

I think my granny is a pirate is really funny because I love the end when she sees the skeleons and she hits them with her hadbag.I LOVE THIS BOOK.

31 Jul 2015

like that it rhymes

22 Jul 2015

Find out about the secret life of Granny!

22 Jul 2014

Good rhymes!

25 Jun 2014

its funny

24 Jun 2014

Funny, spooky and a bit weird.
I loved it.

24 Jun 2014

i like pirates and i love reading books and this 1 is the best

24 Jun 2014

it was fuuny

24 Jun 2014

She fought lots of skeletons.

24 Jun 2014

very funny

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