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Finding the Fox

Finding the Fox by Ali Sparkes

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By Ali Sparkes

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Dax home life is unhappy. He jumps at the chance of attending the boarding school. When he gets there, he is amazed to find himself amongst kids, with all sorts of powers. He immediately feels at home. But first a journalist tracks him down. And then he begins to wonder, who exactly is behind the school. Suddenly his fox senses are on high alert.

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24 Aug 2020

This was the best book ever it was amazing. It was about a boy called Dax and the fact that he could turn into a fox !

12 Jun 2020

I Would definitely recommend this book since it is full of adventures and excitement. There are also a lot of plot twists and very exciting chapters.

27 Aug 2016

This book is great for anyone who loves adventure, powers and mysteries.

15 Aug 2016

You should read this book because it's about a boy who can turn into a fox!!!!! :)

10 Aug 2016

This book was amazing! I couldn't put it down. The characters were interesting, the plot was great and I adore the concept of the Cola Club. I will definitely read the rest of the series.

05 Jan 2015

Exciting story - lots of action and mystery.

30 Sep 2014

Its a really good book about
kids with superpowers and
its a bit like harry potter or

29 Aug 2014

A awesome start to a awesome looking series

26 Aug 2014

Meet dax Jones, your ordinary 12 year old boy and part time fox! But suddenly he is whisked away by a college after being identified as different by the government!

24 Jun 2014

Great adventure tale

24 Jun 2014

It's great! It's about a boy called dax who finds he can turn into a fox! a few days later a man comes round to his house and tells dax that he has something special and he is envited to a college! it turns out the school is full of children that are magic and can do things like mind-reading! he has trouble turning back into a fox butone night he tries the hipnosis on his own and relieses he can do it!

24 Jun 2014

best book/series in the ENTIRE world!!!! you MUST read it now!

23 Jun 2014

This is about a boy who turns into a fox, peregrine falcon, otter and other animals to. He changes depending on where he is. It's a good story that you will really enjoy.

20 Jun 2014

I think Ali Sparkes books are dazzling with amazment,mystery,magic and load's of suspense. This series could be the next Harry Potter!

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