Of Mice And Men

Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck

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By John Steinbeck

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15 Dec 2019

Amazing read teaches others about the problems of misogny

17 Feb 2018

A special book that really makes you consider who are your real friends and what you really want to do. Lenny’s childishness and George’s seriousness represents the theme of growing up and always having someone by your side to sort things out when the going gets tough. However, there are also more common themes such as peer pressure, Ol’ Candy is the oldest and is still peer pressured into putting down his beloved dog. A great book to read as you’re maturing and preparing yourself for GCSE’s

12 Jun 2017

I really liked this

03 May 2017

I enjoyed this book and we used it in an English exam. This book is a fictional book. My favourite character is Lennie.

03 May 2017

I liked this book because the ending was sad and lenny was my favourite character because I felt sorry for him. I would recommend it and the film.

16 Feb 2017

Good but racist

01 Dec 2016

Really good. Ok, done this book in English, unexpected ending and a very good book to read. Good Novella

15 Jul 2016

A down to earth fiction, a very enjoyable one also

13 Apr 2016

classic , great characters.

29 Feb 2016

What's better than reading the reality of the 'American Dream'? Well, Of Mice and Men has to be one of ,if not the best book i've ever read. From start to finish i was hooked by the special relationship George and Lenny had. The way Steinbeck used his vocabulary was overwhelming and the book is just hearbreaking.

11 Jan 2016

I thougth this book was OK at the beginning but got more interesting towards the end. It is a fictional book about two friends who move to work on a ranch. My favourite character was Lennie because he is kind and trusting towards his friend George. He is also very innocent and naive. I dont think I would recommend this book to someone else as it wasnt very interesting.

24 Nov 2015

The book is the best thriller which I have ever read. The author described a friendship between two men, George and Lennie, who was completly different. I have read that book very quickly because all the time I was intresting what might happen next. My favourite character was George Milton.

27 Oct 2015

Lena Smith

Classic, but it a little dated but still an enjoyable if a little predictable. It is a story that has inspired many a re-invention. Its always good to go bad to read the original.

05 Jul 2015

This is one of my ultimately favourite books of all time! An amazing book about the Great Depression and the real dangers of innocence. The ending so beautifully traumatic it will break your heart.

25 Jun 2015

very interesting book, lets you know about 1930s america

28 May 2015

I thought the book was excellent. The book is fiction.
The character I liked was George because he cares about Lennie. I would recommend it to lots of other people.

16 Mar 2015

I loved this delicate tale about two men and their struggles to make their dreams come true. It is a must read to all dream seekers and cynics, telling the dream seekers to never give up and to sometimes expect the unacceptable. and to the cynics, although life is hard and unpredictable. it doesn't mean you should give-up.
It doesn't mean you should be a deserter to your dreams.
we experience an avalanche of yin and yang through two equally unique characters George and Lennie.

04 Mar 2015

I grew up being aware of this book but never took any interest to it. When I had to read it for my GCSE studies it became an instant favorite. It was an immersive read, thanks to Steinbecks amazing variety of characters, colourful descriptions and emotive storyline. This is a must read !

09 Jan 2015

Having read John Steinbeck books whilst at school and enjoying them, I have for many years intended to read Of Mice and Men.

I thought it was brilliant and sad. The situation and relationship between Lennie and George was believable and easy to empathise with.

It is only a short book and I read it within 2 or 3 days as I enjoyed it so much. I would definitely recommend.

08 Jan 2015

This book is excellently written and features unique characters which cause you to feel a wide range of emotions. It has a unique narrative and is highly engaging, my only fault is it leans highly towards the darker aspects of life and can be mildly depressing at times.

04 Sep 2014

I recommend this book.

06 Jul 2014

Epic book

26 Jun 2014

Simply written, can be read on many levels

09 Apr 2014

a Lovely touching story of friendship.
george has a protective feeling towards his friend lennie. lennie is a big man with tremendous strength, but he is challenged mentally and is very child like.
although george does his best for lennie in the end he has to be cruel to be kind


would recommend

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