Max the Missing Puppy

Max the Missing Puppy by Holly Webb, and Sophy Williams

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By Holly Webb, and and, Sophy Williams

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Molly is over the moon when she’s given Max, a gorgeous Old English Sheepdog puppy, and soon the two are inseparable. But when Molly is at school, Max finds a chance to go and find her…


15 Oct 2020

I like this book becaues i like
dogs and near the end molly finds Max with somone called jasmine and jasmine foind max in a bush

01 Aug 2020

The book was very interesting and had a happy ending. I was taught a lesson to never open a window if I have a puppy unless I am watching it.

01 Jul 2020


29 Jun 2020

This book is a tale of a puppy and actually is a bit sad.
My thought was that it could be a bit better also
my favourite character is Max cause he is very brave i chose him beacause he is determined and independent.
This is from author holly web.
Holly Web is a British childeren's writer. She studied Classics at Newnham College at
Cambridge University.

13 Jun 2020

I like this book but it's a bit sad because max (the dog) gets lost and gets turnover by a car 😢

02 Feb 2020

This is a sad book

31 Jul 2018

I think this a great book as it is fun and exiting.
its about a dog, called Max, who gets lost and has a bad cut on his leg luckily he gets rescued by a girl called Jasmine
I wont say anymore incise u want to read it sum-day!

ps. sorry if some of the spelling is wrong

27 Jul 2018

I would definitely recommend this book!

16 Aug 2017

I loved all the illistrations and the amazing use of words made me want to keep on reading.

21 Jul 2017

You should read this book because it is very emotional but also you get to see everything cute about Max he is so cute that you could just keep stroking it more and more and more because he is just so cute, but back to the story it has a very good end to the story.

11 Jul 2017


21 Jun 2017

I would recommend this book because it gives people ideas on how they should take care of their puppy by having a collar on them, so they don't go missing.

14 Aug 2015

It was sad in the middle, but had a happy ending.

06 Sep 2014

A VERY good book but rather short. I do emphasise the word very.

29 Aug 2014

it was a good book because a puppy went missing and it hurt its leg and i person found it and made the puppy feel better

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