Cats Ahoy!

Cats Ahoy! by Peter Bently, and Jim Field

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By Peter Bently, and and, Jim Field

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Winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2011: a swashbuckling tale of pirate plunder, derring do and a huge haul of haddock!


13 Jun 2020

It was very funny and interesting.

28 Sep 2019

I liked when the pirates thought that there was a ghost in the mist.

25 Aug 2019

I liked it when the fish got caught. I love cats

20 Aug 2019

I liked the crab character. Also the funny play on words Me! How?!

14 Aug 2019

It was ok but I wouldn't recommend it.

21 Aug 2018

This is the second book we have read by this author. It was a very funny book well written for children of this age group a great read.

29 Jul 2018

This book is fab
I like the way the story rhymes and looking at the pictures and doing pirate voices
The way Alonso steals the haddock is funny Ghost Pirtae Ship
A great read for all the family

25 Jul 2018

It was good as the pirates thought the cats were ghosts.

23 Jun 2018

I loved it so much and it was amazing.

24 Aug 2017

Great read

22 Aug 2017

I love books about cats, I have 2!

21 Aug 2017

The cats go on a pirate ship and all they want is fish and then they seem ship with fish on and the pirate cats went to it and when they got home they were all fat

14 Aug 2017

It was difficult although some of the names and words were quite difficult

09 Aug 2017

Very funny.

07 Aug 2017

Loved the cats eating all the fish and Alfonso saying "Me? How?"

27 Jul 2017


22 Jul 2017

1st where the cat went " ME? HOW? "
2nd where the humans jumped into a small boat because they were scared of the cats pirate ship

16 Jul 2017

Didn't like the story line

09 Jul 2017

Another of my favourite books

03 Dec 2016

Cat pirates have a fishy secret to share.

11 Sep 2016

great codfish!

07 Sep 2016

This was about cats who were pirates.

25 Aug 2016

This a rhyming storey and I enjoyed it very much. It's kind of funny.

21 Aug 2016

Catstastic and fishtastic!

10 Aug 2016

I enjoyed the cats being pirates in this book and the way they stole the fish from the human pirates! I recommend this book to people who like pirate stories.

02 Aug 2016

It was hilarious when the cat came in from the Catalan and it was fat!

16 Jul 2016

People should read this book because it tells us all about pirates and cats.

10 Sep 2015

Cats ahoy

06 Sep 2015

very funny

30 Aug 2015

Because the swords are so sharp!

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