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Anahera by Vianne Max

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By Vianne Max

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We all imagine escaping into new worlds, but how challenging would it really be to survive?

What if you were dragged through a gateway into a place filled with magic…and you had none?On Midsummer’s Eve, Isabella Mackay finds herself pulled through the Anahera Gate into the archipelago of Hjaltland, a world of scented magic, chaotic storms and competing goddesses.

Unable to understand the language, ignorant of its cultures and completely devoid of magic, she struggles to find her own path to freedom and safety. This might be a little easier if she wasn’t shackled to the sardonic Captain Bannerman upon arrival and hauled over a mountain.

He has a job to do, and she is determined to stop him from doing it.

But some fates cannot be avoided, and when they reach the great Citadel, Isabella is faced with an impossible choice: accept their bargain, or be thrown into the slave pits of Hamnavoe. Whether it is flying waka over storm-haunted mountains, riding giant, psychic cats across the Citadel rooftops or feeding tidbits to tiny, alcoholic dragons, she is determined to survive, to forge new alliances and thwart her oppressors.

Will Isabella make her way through it, back to our world? And will she even want to?

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