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The Asparagus Bunch: A hilarious and heartfelt comedy

The Asparagus Bunch: A hilarious and heartfelt comedy by Jessica Scott-Whyte

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By Jessica Scott-Whyte

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It’s often said that the first day at a new school can be nerve-wrecking, but for 13-year-old Leon Crothers, joining his seventh new school, simply raises the question of who or what will be the reason for his departure. A funny novel exploring themes of neurodiversity and dyslexia.


01 Nov 2022

A marvellous insight into the neurodiverse mind, allowing the reader to understand how the thought process works. Some parts are shocking, others heart-warming.

11 Jul 2022

Fantastic read! I found Leon to be a compelling character who was written sympathetically and intelligently. The Asparagus Bunch were like friends to me by the end of the book and I have enormous love for Caroline. It was so lovely to read a book from the perspective of neurodiversity written by an author who truly understands. I only wish that the bully wasn't ginger because people with red hair are frequently bullied for this trait. I also think that the author's note at the end should have come at the start as some people may switch off at the mere mention of Asperger's.
I will be recommending this wholeheartedly to anyone who will listen.

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