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The Dark Room

The Dark Room by Sam Blake, and Aoife McMahon

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By Sam Blake, and and, Aoife McMahon

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14 Jan 2022

Oundle Crime

Quite by chance, two women meet each other at a country house hotel in Ireland. One, Rachel, has left London afraid for her own safety after her partner has been almost killed in a hit-and-run accident; the other, Caroline, is an Irish/American crime reporter. Both women have tenuous connections to the hotel and as soon as they arrive, mysteries from the past start to resurface. There’s a slightly suspicious suicide 30-years ago, the disappearance of two people 20-years ago, and sinister goings-on in the present day. You need some massive leaps of the imagination to reconcile the plot but this is worth reading if you ignore some of the gaps in the logic!

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