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We Were Wolves

We Were Wolves by Jason Cockcroft, and Jason Cockcroft

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By Jason Cockcroft, and and, Jason Cockcroft

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23 Jun 2022

The cover and wonderful illustrations drew me into this book, they really add to the tension.
Living on his own in a caravan in the middle of a dark wood, a young boy just has to survive long enough until his father, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, is released from prison. But the "wolves" are circulating, men in big cars, men who are asking too many questions, why can't he be left alone.
There is a feeling of unease and foreboding throughout this novel. This story has it all, danger, chaotic, violent family relationships and the desire to belong and survive.
I would say this book is for confident, YA mature readers (there are references to violence and guns).

02 Aug 2021


A wild and tense read about a boy living in a caravan on his own in the middle of the woods. His dad is in prison and the boy is left to survive on his own. As well as the dangerous men his dad is mixed up with, the woods have dark forces of their own. It is beautifully written with affecting illustrations accompanying the text. A truly moving, taut and tense book.

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