The Magic Faraway Tree


By Enid Blyton

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11 Mar 2018

I like this book because it was full of adventure and had lots of funny moment . And it made me go in another world it had very funny characters and I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I did.

19 Dec 2017

It wouldn't that good because like I thought it was gonna be better all like to have a real adventure because like I like venture stories they're very like you and mystic and it's like it's up if you're not adventure you can you can read from the best story so I like to thinking I was like why why should I be reading this if we if we are going to venture

18 Sep 2017

loads of adventure

28 Aug 2017

I liked it but there were a few hard words.. funny

17 Aug 2017

I love this book and any from Enid blyton

15 Aug 2017

I enjoyed a classic I used read when I was little

12 Aug 2017

magic is intererstring.

09 Aug 2017

I love this book, if wondering what this is all about magic ,And more adventure.

09 Aug 2017

This book is by the most amazing author ever

08 Aug 2017

My Nana always used to make up fun stories about the faraway tree with me in them. I had never read the actual book though. I would really recommend it to somebody who has a vivid imagination. I though it was fantastic how Enid blyton painted the picture of the children's adventures for me.

07 Aug 2017

It was a good story and there were lands upon the top of the tree

06 Aug 2017

It was really good and it is such a classic I have not stopped loving it

02 Aug 2017

You should read this book if you like fantasy

31 Jul 2017

it is a great adventure and exciting.It really makes me want to see the next chapter of the book because it tells me where the children are going to visit next.

31 Jul 2017

These where the first Enid Blyton books I've ever read

27 Jul 2017

It is really adventurous and pulls you in you feel like jumping in and can't put it down I recommend this book to people who like adventures

28 May 2017

You should read the magic faraway tree because it is funny

17 May 2017

I love this book with all the magic and how the children didn't want to go to he countryside but they find out how magical it actually is.

I think this book could be for a younger reader but can be enjoyed by all ages.

30 Sep 2016


05 Sep 2016

My mummy read the faraway stories when she was a little girl and now I have read them too. I love all of the adventures that they go on it is very exciting but sometimes can be a little bit scary.

03 Sep 2016

A fousand thumbs up for this one!

25 Aug 2016

this book is lovley book but not that nice too

15 Aug 2016

this book is awesome! i read this book in school and i just couldn't take my eyes off of it!!!

15 Aug 2016

loved it

12 Aug 2016

Lynne Roberts

I remember my teacher reading a chapter of this book to the class every day at home time, and it gave me nightmares. I was always worried the children would not get off the clouds before they moved away and then horror of horrors one day it happened! I tried re-reading this as an adult and still found it very disturbing.

12 Aug 2016

you should read this book because it has a lot of adventure and you just do not want to stop reading the book!

12 Aug 2016

St Regulus AJ

I absolutely loved this book as a child, the more so as Enid Blyton was being shunned by most of the adults I knew. Perhaps it was the rebel in me but I devoured all her titles and have been an avid reader all my life. This particular book did seem magical to me and the settings totally outside my experience. Good for building a child's imagination.

10 Aug 2016

Loved this book it was so magical there were pixies and goblins
it was AMAZING I am sure I will read it again.

08 Aug 2016

It is the best in the series and so good

02 Aug 2016

Couldn't put it down !

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