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The Last Bear

The Last Bear by Hannah Gold, and Levi Pinfold

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By Hannah Gold, and and, Levi Pinfold

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There are no polar bears left on Bear Island. At least, that’s what April’s father tells her when his scientific research takes them to this remote Arctic outpost for six months. But one endless summer night, April meets one. He is starving, lonely and a long way from home. Determined to save him, April begins the most important journey of her life…


26 Sep 2021

It is about a girl and her father going to an island called Bear Island. They thought bears were already extinct. but the girl finds a lonely, huge polar bear. And she found something interesting on him then the story is about the friendship between them. But it really is a very good story. I will recommend this one to kids.

12 Sep 2021

It's a really good book, with great description. I would recommend this to children aged 8 and over.

05 Sep 2021

This was a lovely story

05 Sep 2021

Such a lovely story, yes I will recommend

02 Sep 2021

A book that encapsulates everything a good book should - a strong, relatable main character, an important message and enchanting descriptions. This book teaches about nature and climate change, and, more importantly, how we hold the power to make a difference. It also has meaningful messages about dealing with loss and building relationships, both to nature and to the people around us. A special book for around ages 10-12.

31 Aug 2021

This book is fiction, I really enjoyed it I would recommend it to people who like heart warming adventure full of danger and mystery. My favourite character was bear because he was brave on the island for many years and he saved April and made it home.

31 Aug 2021

It was a fantastic book in which a girl called April has to find the last polar bear and save it. She becomes friends with it and has to take it back to its home which is the only place there are still polar bears.

31 Aug 2021

I liked the bits that seemed magical

31 Aug 2021

This book is the story of a young polar bear who is trapped because of melting icebergs . it is a beautiful book and I Recommend it to all animal lovers

31 Aug 2021

This story is about a girl who ends up living on Bear Island, where there aren't supposed to be any bears anymore. But then she sees a polar bear. The bear is starving because there is nothing to hunt on Bear Island. So she goes on a big journey to save it.

30 Aug 2021

I loved it cause I love animals. She cleared up the beach of plastic which was really good as it’s important to keep the animals safe and make sure they are not hurt. I would recommend this book to anyone that loves animals

27 Aug 2021

I thought it was very good because it had a lot of adventure and i really thought it was written well. I would really recommend to lots of people but it was a little sad at the end because she had to leave her polar bear. I really enjoyed it

27 Aug 2021


because the bear look intresting to me

yes because poeple will likke it

26 Aug 2021

i loved this book

26 Aug 2021

It was a inspirational book with beautiful language.

I liked April best because she is so fond and understanding of animals.

I would recommend it to someone else because there are pictures.

25 Aug 2021

Wow! Probaby the best book I have read all year! This book really tugs at the heart-strings. It follows Aprils rrelationship with a polar bear. There are beautiful illustrations throughout the book which add to the beauty of it. A mst read for all animal lovers!

24 Aug 2021

Polar bears are one-off my favourite animals

22 Aug 2021

Beautifully written

22 Aug 2021

enjoyable book

19 Aug 2021

I do recommend

18 Aug 2021

o no

18 Aug 2021


17 Aug 2021

What a beautiful story of friendship, hope and the difference we can all make if we put our minds to it. Perfect for KS2 to complement work on loss of habitats or climate change or just simply to enjoy. The author’s notes at the end bring everything together in a big, cosy bear hug.

17 Aug 2021

this shows how important nature is . I love nature so this is a perfect book for me!

17 Aug 2021

I LOVE this book! Its about when a girl and her dad visit Bear Island, no bears are left on the island people say or are there?
I would recommend this book to someone who loves polar bears and animals!

14 Aug 2021

Very good book.

14 Aug 2021

This book is an emotional adventure that captures the heart and mind of the reader.
A loving bond between girl and nature - opening our eyes to the desperate need for us all to step up and do something to help the world we live in before it is too late. Something is better than nothing.

The book follows April has she battles with her own family problems - a father who has never got over the death of her mother and as such hides himself away in work neglecting her. Stranded on Bear Island with nothing and no one other than her father April sets off on an adventure to explore.

When she finds Bear and bond is formed and she will do anything to save him - but will she go too far?

This book is a must read - touching, vivid images that build in your mind and Illustrations that are works of art.

I would recommend for age 8+

13 Aug 2021

I think this book shows me that you can found something even if it's the last.

13 Aug 2021

I think this book shows you can find anything you wanted even if it is the last one.

13 Aug 2021

Kinda liked it but not really my style

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