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The Last Bear

The Last Bear by Hannah Gold, and Levi Pinfold

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By Hannah Gold, and and, Levi Pinfold

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There are no polar bears left on Bear Island. At least, that’s what April’s father tells her when his scientific research takes them to this remote Arctic outpost for six months. But one endless summer night, April meets one. He is starving, lonely and a long way from home. Determined to save him, April begins the most important journey of her life…


03 Aug 2021

Really enjoyed this book-couldn't put it down! It is a lovely story of April who strikes up a friendship with a polar bear, whilst telling the story of how climate change is having a damaging impact on the polar bear environment. The story telling flowed beautifully but it was written in a way that you didn't want to put it down.
I like how the story enfolded with April needing the bear and vice versa. The emotional pull you get towards both characters pulls on to the heart strings. A book that gets you thinking how we can all do our part to help the environment.
A book I will definitely be sharing with my Year 2 class during our plastic pollution work.

02 Aug 2021

'The Last Bear' is a book about global warming, bears and a special friendship between a polar bear and a girl who both try and help Bear get back to his home with his family. My favourite character is April, who loves animals and longs to help Bear get back home.

02 Aug 2021

This is a fictional fantasy story about an 11 year old girl called April Wood and her relationship with a polar bear. April’s father is a scientist who studies weather patterns and their effect on the environment. He applies for a job on a remote island, Bear Island, which is a 24 hour boat journey from Norway and in the Arctic circle. April and her Dad will be the only inhabitants living at a weather station on the island for six months. April’s Dad explains that he will be meticulously recording data regarding air temperature and wind speeds amongst numerous other things and also mentions that polar bears have not been seen on the island for many years due to climate change. When April gets to the island she is excited to explore everywhere really hoping to catch a glimpse of one. Even though data shows that due to the sea ice melting polar bears cannot swim to the island named after them any more. However after a few days April does come across one in very poor condition, in pain and with plastic wrapped around his paw causing an infection. April manages to gain the bear’s trust and becomes his ‘friend’. The story builds on their friendship and explores the bond that humans have with animals whilst highlighting the impact plastic pollution has on the ocean and the environment generally. I enjoyed the story as I love polar bears and would not like to see a world without them. The message at the end of the story is powerful as it says that if everyone did a little bit to help the environment the positive impact would be huge, everyone can do their bit no matter how small they are.


31 Jul 2021

I loved this book because there was a bear stuck on the island and a girl tries to save it. It showed that we can all make one little difference to help save the arctic. I would recommend this book to someone that likes friendship stories. It was a little bit sad at the very end.

30 Jul 2021

This book was a emotional and adventurous book. All about the love between 2 friends a polar bear and a girl.

30 Jul 2021

I loved this book I found it really interesting I feel sorry for bear because he has been stuck on the island for 7 years

29 Jul 2021

This Story was full of emotion and hope. An unusual friendship develops.

29 Jul 2021

He was the only bear and it fiction

29 Jul 2021

I would recommend it to people because of the true meaning in it about how we can help endangered animals and polar bears would not be as endangered as they are.

29 Jul 2021


27 Jul 2021

I would definitely recommend it to someone else to read because it was a really imaginative story. I could picture the characters and what was happening in the story really well in my mind.

26 Jul 2021

1. it was good
2. it was adventureous
3. the bear
4. he was the only bear which had no friends
5. ofcourse

26 Jul 2021

It’s ok I like the last beat

26 Jul 2021

I wasn’t expecting it, but this book had elements of magical realism for me, which I think is the reason children would love this book so much. I was surprised how many themes were not only present but well done in this book, from friendship to family relationships, bereavement, global warming and climate change. Obviously, my favourite parts of the book were the scenes with Bear and seeing him growing stronger and more playful. I wish there were more scenes with the dad, especially at the end of the book. This book would be great for lower key stage 2, studying friendship or global warming. It would be perfect for an environmental week to get children thinking about how a single person can make a huge difference. There are some lovely passages in the book which could be used in reading to build confidence in children as the main character spends the majority of the book alone and is content with this. With the backdrop of Bear Island, the magical setting descriptions make what is a deserted, barren island full of life and safety. I absolutely loved the ending as the main character knows they have done the right thing but they are still heartbroken. It was difficult to read but such an honest representation of sadness that would be beneficial for children and helping to teach them about loss. Beautiful book!

26 Jul 2021

Good book. Would recommend for Yr children.

25 Jul 2021

A truly enchanting story about a little girl's struggles to save a wonderful polar bear.

A really enjoyable read to encourage children to think about the effects we as humans are having on the planet and to think about how we can change this.

April, the main character, is an easy character to fall in love with. A little girl is the hero of the story and shows sheer determination to do that she thinks is the right thing.

Lots of adventure and fun.

Wonderful book to spark conversations about protecting the planet.

25 Jul 2021

This novel really spoke to me and I remembered being a child just like April. I completely entered this world and did not want to leave April or the bear. I would totally recommend this book to anyone. It takes us into the heart of nature.

22 Jul 2021

A beautiful book which centres around the important theme of environmental issues, such as global warming, plastic in the oceans and animal habitat loss. It conveys this message in a heartfelt, touching way which grips the reader from start to finish. The book centres around a young girl, named April, who moves to the Arctic with her scientist father. Here, they move to an island called 'Bear Island', which is ironic as there are no polar bears left... or so they think, until April discovers a lone polar bear, who has been deserted and has plastic painfully wrapped round his foot. The two form a bond and April fondly names him ‘Bear’. The relationship between Bear and April is sensitively told, as is the dynamic between April and her father. This means that the book lends itself well to a range of curriculum areas, such as English, science and RHE, with many themes to discuss.

As my recommended class read, it has also received positive reviews from all of the children who have read it.

19 Jul 2021

This is a super book with so many messages not least on an ecological front and very pertinent to the problem the world has with discarded plastics. The detailed description of the landscape and the friendships and emotions of the main characters.

This is certainly a great read but also a very useful hook book for so many lessons on friendship, determination and environmental issues.

18 Jul 2021

Bit of factual and fiction, I learnt about the Arctic Circle and the islands in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a beautiful book where human befriends bear, recognising how trust can be built over time. It had quite a predictable ending, but a good ending none the less. Highly recommend, I could not put the book down. Great to read for LKS2.

18 Jul 2021

there on the horizon, silhouetted against the sun, something moved it was in the blink of an eye. so rapid

17 Jul 2021

I loved this book because it is a story about friendship and trust.My favourite character was Bear because he was kind and he was an animal.I would recommend this book because it makes you think about climate change.

15 Jul 2021

i like this book and i like the bear the best. i really should recommed it to my friend

14 Jul 2021

This book is amazing

14 Jul 2021

good book

13 Jul 2021

I loved it it was amazing 5/5 I would recommend it in interested me on the cover I love the photo on the cover my favorite character was the bear

13 Jul 2021

I like this book it is a good book I do recommend it to you

13 Jul 2021

fantastc must read

12 Jul 2021

Lovely book for KS2. Some superb description; themes of climate change, grief, loneliness and friendship.

12 Jul 2021

This book had subtle undertones of the effects of global warming and we as individuals can do to help. The main focus of the friendship between the girl in the bear was believable and the Arctic setting beautifully described. I loved it and will be sharing it with both my children and the children in my class.

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