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An Island

An Island by Karen Jennings

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  • Booker Prize 2021 longlist

By Karen Jennings

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A young refugee washes up unconscious on the beach of a small island inhabited by no one but Samuel, an old lighthouse keeper. Unsettled, Samuel is soon swept up in memories of his former life on the mainland: a life that saw his country suffer, then fight for independence, only to fall to a cruel dictator; he recalls his own part in its history.


24 Oct 2021


An exquisitely written, painfully claustrophobic story of a lighthouse keeper alone on an island off the coast of Africa, the only release being in his troubling back-story. But a man washes up with the tide and we spend four intense days with the two of them, learning, in the process, much about refugees, colonialism, dictatorships, protests and more. A brilliant book. Highly recommended.

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