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The Sad Ghost Club: Book 1

The Sad Ghost Club: Book 1 by Lize Meddings

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By Lize Meddings

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‘I know exactly what you mean.’

Six simple words, and suddenly Sam doesn’t feel so alone.

A heart-warming series about friendship, compassion and finding your kindred spirits.


23 Jun 2022

We all feel part of The Sad Ghost Club at some time in our lives and this book definitely helps to overcome it. I love the character, hidden under a sheet. How often do we all feel like hiding away and becoming invisible. How do you make relationships when you struggle just to get out of bed and show up? The answer - join a club for people who aren't members of any other clubs! This is a beautifully illustrated graphic novel about anxiety and friendships. I recommend this book to pupils in late primary/early secondary up. Now a successful series with a Twitter and Instagram account

04 Aug 2021

My favourite character was SG. The book made me feel a tiny bit sad at first because SG was lonely, then he met someone called Socks and they became friends. The book me think about how other people might feel who don't have a lot of friends.

24 Jul 2021

I loved this book. I don't normally read graphic novels so it was a very different experience for me but one I was intrigued by this book and wanted to know what it was all about.
I was not disappointed. It did not shy away from dealing with anxiety and soon you are caught up with not 1 but 2 ghosts who learn a lot from spending time talking and more importantly listening to each other about their issues and insecurities.
I would recommend this book, the illustrations are fantastic and compliment the story line perfectly and at times relying solely on the images to carry the story forward.

13 Jul 2021

Beautifully illustrated graphic novel that portrays anxiety/mental health in a relatable way. It was a quick read but at the same time a reminder that you are not alone, there is nothing wrong with not being okay, and that it's okay to ask for help when you need it. I really enjoyed the story and found it a relaxing and calming read. It was recommended to me by a student and I will be recommending it to others.

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