17 Church Row

17 Church Row by James Carol, Olivia Dowd, Andre Ricardo, and Red Apple Creative/SNK Studios

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By James Carol, Olivia Dowd, Andre Ricardo, and and, Red Apple Creative/SNK Studios

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06 Apr 2020


I had been excited to read this book since I saw the first look but unfortunately for me, it was not quite as good as I expected it to be. I did enjoy the book, the cover looks good and suits the story, whislt the idea of a 'smart' house, seems creepy and futuristic, yet very near at the same time, and that resonates with me as a reader. Apart from the overall idea of the book though, I coudln't really empathise with the characters nor was I particularly gripped by the story, it felt like a plot I had read before somewhere else framed in a different way. Overall it was an okay book, that I may recommend to someone as an easy read with perhaps a little something to think about, but for me this book really didn't go any further than that.

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