The Truth Pixie Goes to School

The Truth Pixie Goes to School by Matt Haig, and Chris Mould

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By Matt Haig, and and, Chris Mould

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The sequel to the Sunday Times bestseller The Truth Pixie; an uplifting, illustrated story about beating back-to-school nerves


01 Jul 2020

It was a good story and lots about friendship. I would recommend this .

15 Jun 2020

I like this book because it is very interesting and funny. I recommend it!

14 Jun 2020

It is good. I find it exciting. My favourite character is the truth pixie! I would definitely recommend it.

09 Jun 2020

There was a girl called Ada that went to school as she has never been to school before. She bought her truth pixie with her and she got bullied for bringing it with her. She wanted to make friends so she said that the truth pixie wasn't her friend anymore, then everyone made friends with the truth pixie.

02 Nov 2019

i would recommend this book to all ages. it teaches you about being confident about yourself.

31 Aug 2019

I think it is a good book because you learn that everyone is different and it is good to tell the truth.

22 Aug 2019

The story is very interesting,I like Truth Pixie in this story,
I liked the story because the story is about Aada's friendship
with a Truth Pixie.I wholeheartedly recommend this book to
children who like stories about friendship.

20 Aug 2019

It teaches you to tell the truth in the right times and it’s your choice

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