Red Dog

Red Dog by Willem Anker, and Michiel Heyns

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  • International Booker Prize 2020

By Willem Anker, and and, Michiel Heyns

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In the eighteenth century, a giant strides the border of the Cape Colony frontier.

Coenraad de Buys is a legend, a polygamist, a swindler and a big talker; a rebel who fights with Xhosa chieftains against the Boers and British; the fierce patriarch of a sprawling mixed-race family with a veritable tribe of followers; a savage enemy and a loyal ally.

Like the wild dogs who are always at his heels, he roams the shifting landscape of southern Africa, hungry and spoiling for a fight. Red Dog is a brilliant, fiercely powerful novel – a wild, epic tale of Africa in a time before boundaries between cultures and peoples were fixed.

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