The Fairytale Hairdresser and Thumbelina

The Fairytale Hairdresser and Thumbelina by Abie Longstaff, and Lauren Beard

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By Abie Longstaff, and and, Lauren Beard

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18 Dec 2020

My favourite character was Kitty Lacey

18 Sep 2020

I like it when Kitty rescues the fairies and they get a makeover. It's colourful and exciting.

01 Sep 2020

I liked this book when they had their ceremony.

25 Aug 2020

Thumbelina and Kitty Lacey are my favourite characters and this is one of my favourite books

07 Jun 2020

I like it and my favourite characters are kittie Lacey and ThumbeLiNa.

06 Jan 2020

I like this story because its based on a fairytale.
I think its a very joyful story.
I like the hairdresser because she always helps the customers and she is a happy character.
I would recommend to others

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