The Murder of Miss O

The Murder of Miss O by Issara Simone Edwards

By Issara Simone Edwards

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God is no longer there. He abandoned us years ago.

Emma-O feels like her life is going nowhere. Her aspirations are knocked down, her family screwed up, and her faith in reality is wavering dangerously. Jnana feels trapped. His desire to please seems to be leading him down a shadowy and uncertain road. His life is dictated by an overbearing family, and he has fallen in with a dangerous crowd. He dances the dances that are dictated to him, but desperately tries to retain his mind as his own. Sky is…well, Sky is one half of a pair, seemingly powerful but truly as puppeteered as anyone else. If what can be seen of him is darkness, his other half is blacker still.

A partial re-imagining of the ancient myth of Persephone, that takes inspiration from a number of other cultures and stories, The Murder of Miss O is a complex tale of darkness and deception, that provides interesting insights into how we might interpret good and evil, power and control, right and wrong.

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